Sunday, October 11, 2009

Touched By An Angel (An Angel of HOTNESS)

For any of you who watch Supernatural, you know the hotness that is
Misha Collins.
And believe me when I say he can grip me tight whenever and wherever he wants!

I thought Angels were supposed to look...angelic.
Not ruggedly handsome.
Or incredibly hotspice.

If I had an angel of the Lord following me around lookin' like this burnin' burnin' hunk o' hotness, I'd be doomed to Hell for the nonstop lusty thoughts and pervy innuendos aimed in his general direction.
I'm just sayin'...

And when you get double the dose of delectable hotness at once, a girl can't help but imagine the possibilities.
Being in the middle of a Dean/Castiel sandwich...well let's just say that I'm not cringing at the thought.

Where can I find one of these and why don't they live in Nashville?
Misha Collins (not to be confused with skanktastic Misha Barton from the OC) is not only insanely hot but also isanely hilarious.

Hot and funny!
A guy with a great sense of humor is sexy with a capital SEXY!



There is a Castiel Club?!?!?
Where can I sign up?
Do we get to share our lusty thoughts?

So, not only is Misha Collins insanely hot and hilarious, this guy has some serious acting chops that would make many newcomers quiver beneath their make-up and false eyelashes.
I love a guy who can switch from one personality to another without batting an eyelash (of course, this is only in the acting sense because if I had a real guy who could do that I'd probably be a little freaked).
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out Supernatural and prepare to be impressed.

Try not to faint, loyal followers.
We're not finished yet.


Everyone knows I love a guy in a suit or uniform!
'Nuff said!

Guys who look hot in jeans and black shoes...
(you know I'm talking about Jensen Ackles too) I the only one who thinks this is totally hot?
That guy apparently has some sort of...chivalry (that's what we'll call it) to bow like that.
Hello HOTNESS, thy name is Castiel...I mean, Misha Collins!

Okay, but I really wanna be that mic right now.

Hold the phones!
Where can I get a Castiel Teddy Bear?!?!
I want one!!
And I want Misha Collins to come with it!
Hubba Hubba!!

As julieperk said earlier, "What a great view...and I'm not talking about the scenery!"
Or something like that.

Yes please!
Don't make me beg!

Don't doubt the hotness of Misha Collins!
He's an Angel of the Lord!
You don't wanna be smited, do ya?
Do ya?!?!

Misha, call me!
I heart you!

Kellebelle1981 :)

Jensen Ackles! Yahtzee! U Win At Life! If Looks Could Kill You Wouldn't Live Through this Post!

Jensen Ackles, if looks could kill me=died!

Well, Sammy's done it! He freed Lucifer and guess who was there to stop him and save the world...or will be there....

Jensen "the hotness" Ackles!

He is our newest obsession along with his own personal angel, see Kelley's Castiel post!!

This is me comforting Jensen on a warm summer's night. The man is so perfect he doesn't even sweat!
Then, one night I got a makeover and we went to a movie premiere, here is us on the red carpet!

So here's my boyfriend with way too loose jeans! Those need to be tighter!

A close up black and white shot of the man that has captured our celebmanmeat expert hearts!

Yahtzee! You win at life Jensen! Hot!

Did you borrow Castiel's coat? Cause this is a hot pic, but that coat is as you say, fugly.

He makes jeans and a T-shirt look good! Damn man! Is there anything wrong with you? Oh yeah, I remember, you have a girlfriend...that is your one and only flaw!

Did you know that there is an equation for a graphing TI-83 calculator that shows the exact curvature of Jensen Ackles' butt? Well if you think I'm lying google it! You will be proven wrong!

So, a friend of mine told me he used to be on Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady. When was this? Are there men this hot on soap operas now? Do I need to start a hot men on soap operas research project? If they look anywhere near as good as this man above that is one research project I will take on gladly!

So, what's hotter than a hot man? A hot man and his hot car, or in this case a hot man IN his hot car.

It's not just his looks, which are present 24/7 and 365 it's also his sense of humor that makes us love him so! He and Jared are hilarious in real life and in the show!

Got any pie?



What can I say? Mr. Ackles loves him some pie! His favorite is his Gran's chocolate pie! Awww...he's so cute! It makes my heart hurt to think about him!
For him to have abs like this, he must work out all the time. He's always EATING! All that pie has nothing on Dean Winchester!

I'd give anything to make you smile like this at me! Wow!

Umm..are you in a sewer in this photo shoot? I don't get it. Whatever, you look hot as hell and you would know how hot it is there since you've ummm...been to hell!