Sunday, July 26, 2009


K, apparently while living my life during the day, I'm missing some hotness on TV in the form of the much ridiculed soap opera.
I need to stop hating and get to drooling apparently.

Ladies, meet Eric Winter from Days of Our Lives and like 10,000 other shows, he is like a professional guest star...srsly go to IMDB you will see what I mean.
This is a Days of Our Lives Publicity Shot of Eric, he was on the show forever...until 2005

It's kinda hard to find pictures of this guy not attached to his Siamese twin/new wife, Roselyn Sanchez, she knows what she's got and she is hanging on tight!

Here's Eric a little younger and a little less!

Patriotic, boxers, and hot abs, me=died
Love to see a man, just being a man you know?
Here he is lifting stuff, all manly!
Who doesn't like a man who's fearless? Well he is, there were some steamy scenes with another man on the ABC show Brothers and Sisters, he was the dreamboat that almost replaced Scotty, just almost. If you don't watch it, just look and drool.
Okay, you know how I said he is a professional guest star, here he is as an Ex in the short running show the Ex-list. (tie to Twilight *ahem*)

Here is Eric, and if you look you can see his permanent arm fixture right behind him she must have gotten distracted to let him go for even enough time to take the picture...geez girl...clingy much? This is him at the premiere of the Ugly Truth...srsly she's clingy!

This is a publicity shot from one of his many guest starring roles...

I shall now list in no particular order the shows he has guest starred or starred on..all are cancelled or he was on like 5 episodes.
1.) Moonlight-cancelled 2.)The Ex-List-cancelled after 7 episodes see above pic 3.) Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanomo Bay 4.)Brothers and Sisters on ABC show still on-he's not. 5.)Viva Laughlin-all 3 epidsodes that aired 6.)Wildfire on ABCFamily lasted a while he was on 5 eps. 7.)Love, Inc. 8.) Pepper Dennis 9.)CSI like 5 episodes 10.)Charmed 1 ep....there are many more we won't list them all as the would make the blog way too long

okay more pics
no doubt on one of his guest starring roles...that looks like his wife sitting next to him, not surprised she doesn't let him out of her site...srsly
Again on Brothers and Sisters

K, he is hot! Obviously! He hasn't hit it big yet, but I feel a big movie role to make him a household name coming in his future, but I'm no psychic

Oh cool little tidbit, I can connect him to Twilight in two steps
1.)Guest starred as an EX on the Ex-list with Elisabeth Reaser
2.) Elisabeth Reaser plays Esme Cullen on Twilight.

Damn I'm good!

Oh and I can connect him to Supernatural too
1.) Was on Wildfire with the starring role girl
2.) Starring role girl on Wildfire plays demon-bitch Ruby on Supernatural

Like I said, Damn I'm good! lol no it's actually kinda pathetic

I wish someone would pay me for this type of stuff...srsly that would be my dream job!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GI Channing Tatum

It has been brought to my attention lately that Channing Tatum is getting some time in the spotlight with his new role in the summer action movie GI Joe!

Did I mention he kills that skank Sienna Miller or at least hurts her I guess...hopefully.

I hate that girl!

Anyhoo...on with the hotness!

Okay childrens lemme tell you a lil story:

Once Upon A Time in a time called "The 80s" little boys all over the world played with pocket army men called GI Joe's: Here is what they looked like:
see, kinda androgynous not so hot!

Then they started making movies out of all the favorite 80s toys:
Example the first:
Example the second:
Example the third:
CONNECT FOUR! hahah just kidding making sure you are paying attention


The movie of Transformers made money and spawned a successful sequel and later that year:

comes this more updated version:
let's dissect Joe just a little for a minute or rather..let's undress him!
Holy crap! *thud* I died and hit my head!

Still know hotness when I see it!

Umm..don't know what these guys are doing in this pic, don't care! Love me some briefs on Channing Tatum! or rather off of him!

Okay off with the hat and the briefs as well *ahem*

Jenna I will do whatever it takes to make him ready for battle

Before he was GI Joe he was showing us his hot abs and his hotter than hell dancing skills! We WANTED him bad!

There were entirely too many clothes on him in Step Up with his now Bitch wife Jenna Dewan...some girls have all the luck!

His last movie was called long as it didn't mess up his pretty face!
Umm..we think you need to pull those pants down farther to measure umm
other things!

SUIT UP! Channing...lookin good...damn good!

Channing That is a HOT leather jacket!
Take it off mister!
That is an order soldier!
All I know is this GI Joe is frickin hotness!
End of Post because I am DEAD


Help help! I've fainted and I can't get up!
Oh crap! saw it again

K here's a pic from She's the Man for one of our loyal better comment for this extra effort! Oh and spread the word...take a button you know whatever you Have to do!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Steven Strait, I wanna make a Covenant with you it's called Marriage..CALL ME!

Okay Steven, we will forgive your scruffiness in 10,000 B.C. because
of how hot you looked in the Covenant
This picture is hotness! It shows your witchy ways!

Anyone who hasn't seen the Covenant I command you go now, rent it, now, i mean it now!!!!

Umm...hi you are hotness...with your arm over you head! Yum!
We all know that Steven is calling me on that phone he's upset cause we are having a fight. But we made
 up later and it was nice!
k, the guys on the swim team did not look like this when I was in school. That town was small the only thing they had to do was
 workout apparently!

Umm...scoot over so I can get in bed with you! Love you! Hotness!

There are entirely too few pictures of more movies soon please you are hotness and we want to drool over you on the screen.

Love ya, Man Meat 


Wentworth Miller, Do you want me to bake you a cake with a file in it?

Okay guys in case you haven't noticed! Wentworth Miller pullled a prison break and stole the keys to the prison as well as the key to our hearts!
Warning Warning! This guy is so hot it may be a crime to look farther
Proceed at your own risk!

See not only Rpattz can sport their Ray Bans! Ray Bans on the right hot man=hotness supremeness!

Holy Crap...can I get in bed with you?

Don't worry ladies he will be in a new series debuting this fall! don't know what it's called but who really cares....
I know that you are praying that I will come to you. Trust me if you called I'd be there as quickly as planes fly to LA. TRUST!

Barney Stinson says: Suit up!!!

okay post and white is my fav....hotness next post 100 pictures of hot men! You voted we supply!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WARNING: James Marsters Hotness may induce overhotness related heart attack...

James Marsters

Once upon a time, you played one badass vampire.
Today...well you're still hot.
And you'll always be a badass vampire in my heart!

So I've been trying to figure out the pros and cons of a SPIKE IS HOT blog.
These are the kinds of pictures I have managed to find tonight.
I think I will "google" James Marsters on a daily basis.

Oh, Spikey, I see you beckoning me with that sexy finger.
If I could figure out how to jump through my computer screen and into your lap...
er, maybe I shouldn't finish that thought.

Seriously, this burnin' hot piece o' man meat makes my heart thud way too fast.
I'm going to need a doctor ASAP!
James Marsters, in case you were wondering where I was, I'm right here!
Call me!
No, seriously.

So hot!
Want to touch...
Okay, I'm about to start hyperventilating.
I'm not even halfway finished yet.
The power of Spike's hotness.
Holy crap!

Billy Idol Spike!
Check out those arm muscles!
If I were that Slayer, I'd be ripping that black vest off him!

In my world, I'm married to this man.
Honey, I'm home!
Could you imagine coming home from work to that every day?!?!
One can only dream...and drool...and possibly have a heart attack induced by too much hotness of Spike.

Spike, I would have treated you so much better than that whiny vampire slayer!
I love you!
Kick that bitca outta bed!
She stole my spot!
Kick her out...NOW!

And for those of you Angel lovers, here is a pic of Angel standing next to Spike...the Ultimate Hotness!
Don't worry.
Angel just needs to learn a few things from Spike.
For one thing...those abs.

Have you passed out from the hotness yet?
Or the nakedness?
I almost did when I was uploading these.
Just sayin'...
This is an extremely dangerous guy to post pictures of.
Pay close attention to the abs!

This may cause heart attack!
If your heart is unable to take too much hotness at once...
leave this page!
If not...enjoy ogling the James Marsters hotness!!

My my my!
Once again, if only I could jump through my computer screen.
This is a little like torture.
And a little like heaven.
Mostly a little like torture right now.
I'm not sure how much more I can take.

And I will leave you with this image.
His pants are unbuttoned.
Let your imagination take care of the rest.
I know I will.
Once I can get my heart rate back down to normal, that is.
James Marsters, CALL ME ASAP!

I'm OUT!

Kellebelle1981 :)

Johnny Depp Magazine Covers...

Once Upon a Time Before Twilight
There was the the Supreme Hotness that is and was Johnny Depp!

Let's explore shall we?

Yes, we shall!
Obviously, well dressed men=sexy
men with guns=sexy
Johnny Depp has a gun and is very well dressed so umm..obviously 2 times the sexy

Johnny once donned many a magazine cover and obviously still does, when Rob isn't on the cover,  trust me many is an understatement.

Hello, pre-pirate hotness! Umm...I need to rent Once Upon a Time in Mexico! STAT!

How to be a better man? don't get any better than him...TRUST!

Want to know how
 to be a
 better man?  Look and act like Johnny Depp! 

The End.

If love is a battlefield, where the hell do I enlist?  I will fight for and with Johnny Depp...

I don't mind beating up Kate Moss or that French chick he's with now or whoever, if he will be mine. I will fight in any army on any battlefield!

Rob your heart out.  Johnny's been around way longer.
If you need advice on how to handle over night success ask Johnny.
If you need advice with how to be shy and 
still be a smoking hot celebrity.

 Ask Johnny!

yes, ladies, Johnny does Rock...he rocks hard!
Like it says from Pirates to Peter Pan from Viper Room to the Chocolate Factory 
and From 21 Jump Street to 21st-century super-star!

Johnny Depp surely has built himself an Empire!
It says Johnny Depp stole summer, well he certainly stole my heart in Public Enemies.  

He made me wanna be a bank robber! The only way that he would be my enemy is...oh wait...there is no way.  He made John Dilinger, not only notorious, but freakin hot!  

Thank god! Johnny Depp has kids...that is one gene pool it would be a crime to NOT continue! Hotspice!

Awww...he made movies for his kids.  He came from River Phoenix and the drug scene to smoking hot and did I mention Talented bonafide movie star! I want into his Private(s) errr... World

Hey,  Rob Pattinson, wanna learn how to have a private life and still be a gargantuan (word of the day) star? 


Umm..hi that shirt is fugly, but you somehow with your hotness..make it hot!
He had "jawporn" b4 Rob was even born!
Many more magazine covers to come...this wasn't even close to half or a third!