Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patrick Dempsey You are oh so McDreamy!

You are delicious McManMeat!

I swear to you I CAN'T BUY ME LOVE!  I could have millions of dollars and it wouldn't be even close to what you are worth in the hearts of many on  Grey's Anatomy!
 Look at young mcdreaminess!
This is how we remember you as the nerdy guy who dates the head cheerleader for 1000 dollars in Can't Buy Me Love...we were in love with you then! And OH HOW YOU HAVE GROWN!
see you hot! 
You look so serious PATRICK! Cheer up, in order for you to do this all you have to do is look in the mirror...cause in case no one has told you  YOU BES HOTNESS!

the sexy issue for sure!  Umm hi...You're HOT!

Oh how we love the new nicknames we can give everyone a "Mc" in front of a hot adjective because of you and your mcdreaminess and your mchotness!
Umm....I have no words...yes I do...Holy McDreaminess...someone took this straight out of my fantasies!  How did they know?!?!? It's scary it's like they have ESPN or something...hehe

mmm..kay?  Why are there not more pictures of you shirtless...shirtless you is AWESOMESPICE!  I looked all over the internet for pictures with you sans shirt, there were not many to choose season on Grey's Anatomy how about you do surgery shirtless I don't think anyone will complain.....ummmm...yeah!
OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! Holy mcdreamy leatherness...Hotspiceness!

for all of those of you who have watched Grey's Anatomy can you tell me if they might write the pregnancy of Ellen Pompeo who is so not as pretty as Patrick, nor pretty enough for him  I never understood what you see in her?  Whatever! It's one of those unexplainable thingies.

You give new meaning to the word SUIT!  There should be a new word, I'm going to call this a SEXY!  I want one of these, but you have to be included!

Patrick you are McDreamy for a reason and I don't know but I think that girl in Made of Honor might have been a little "special," seriously??? You pick some groddy Scottish dude over the hot McDreaminess!  Thank god she wised up before the end...her hair looked like a cat sitting on top of her head...groddy!


Love you keep bringing the Mcdreaminess to the TV every week, kthanxbye!


Matt Damon You Were Bourne To Be Hot!

Here you are Sexiest Man Alive...and when you shot the Bourne movies there was major droolage! Hotspice!
okay what the effspice...I searched high and low looking for shirtless pictures of you and there were none...but when you are fat matt you go shirtless wtf?

Matt Damon I am going to give you an ultimatum because of my supremacy as a man meat expert and my identity as a hotness measurer.  We do not care what movie you are shooting, never get fat again, or you might just lose your place on the celeb man meat wall of fame...kthanxbye! 

your hotness is so apparent here...even though you are laying down on the job! lol You look hotspice! We wanted to be that Franka Potente girl in the Bourne movies....or Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting.

So I went hunting for pictures and this is what I 
found...umm hi!  do you never take your shirt off?Matt you were pretty butt-kicking in all the Bourne movies and it was oh so hot!  Please make more Bourne-like hotness movies....please!

I do have to admit you are very HOT! but lately you are kinda boring! That's okay this blog is not about action it's about vision and you are good to look at.....yummy

Ummm...kay what are you doing in this picture besides looking smokin hot and just being sexy?  Jason Bourne I am going to do a better blog for you but right now Matt Damon is very boring...his life is ALMOST as boring as mine!You still bes hot...mmm...hello you are hotspice

I love you!  

Brian Austin Green...I didn't know Kyle Reese had a Brother!

Brian Austin are so hotspice!

I'm still so sad "The Sarah Connor Chron
icles" was cancelled because I loved looking at your extreme hotness.

I remember your "90210" days, but thank the heavens you didn't join the "New 90210" cuz srsly...whatever.

Unfortunately, I now have no way to stalk watch you on th
e television every week, and that makes me sadspice. See? :( Sadspice.

Why you're dating that
skank or she wishes she was as cool as RPattz Megan Fox girl...LAMESPICE...we're not sure. You look like a nice guy. And your girlfriend insulted RPattz! What's wrong with her?! Why are you dating her? You're too hot for her.

Here you are sans shirt. Those scars from the future most likely caused by the machines are still sexy. What's that tattoo on your chest say?

Yeah...are you not sure what to do with your hands? That's okay.
You're still hot. :)

If only you were staring at me like that. *sigh*
Wow, so I'm thinking early 90s here...not so sure about the outfit, but those abs underneath compliment the whole ensemble quite nicely. Yum.

You look so cuddly.
Wanna come over and watch a movie?
I love you! You're hot.

I'm OUT!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gavin Rossdale...please sing to me! PLEASE!

Dear Gavin,

I have had a crush on you since highschool. Time has moved on, my ten year high school reunion is next weekend, but I still have that same little crush that I had back then.

I was o
bsessed with my "Sixteen Stone" album back in the day. "Machinehead" is still one of my favorite songs.

Now you're doing your own stuff, and "Love Remains the Same" turns me into a giant puddle of goo every time I hear your oh-so-sexy voice on the radio.

Why must you
be so hot? And so MARRIED!?!?! I love Gwen Stefani so much, that I can't even pretend to hate her for the purpose of my Man Meat crush.

Still, call me!!! :)

Why must you be british?? Once again, you're just another shining example of Man Meat not from the USA.
Gavin, you're so
I love you! Marr
y me!!!
Or not. Whatever. I can stalk dream.

Your hotness really seems to find no end. You're like 40, and you were way younger when I was busy with my highschool crush. Are you a vampire? That can be the only explanation for your gorgeous good looks despite the 14 some odd years that have passed.
If I ever run into while walking along the beach, don't be alarmed by the girly squealing (not from me) and the overdramatic passing out (still not me).
I still want you to sing to me.
That would make my day.
And guys who can sing...HOTSPICE!!

I'm OUT!


Christian Bale: The American Psycho Dark Knight leader of the Resistance and messing with my Equilibrium

Holy Hotness, Batman (thank you, Elizabeth Banks, for using that phrase recently)!

Christian Bale may have a short fuse, and is known to throw the occasional tantrum, but I say we all give the guy a break! Why?

1) He's HOT! I rest my case.

2) He plays some seriously dark roles, and that can definitely mess with your head. Trust me.

3) He's HOT! I rest my case...again.

Kellebelle1981 for President! :P

Anyhoo, let's forget the
bad temper for a minute, cuz srsly, this is a MAN MEAT blog, and we just want to look at him!

I, for one, think Christian is one gorgeous piece o' ma
n meat, regardless of any of his current life issues or whatever. I will not think of such trivial things since my brain is fried...I've only been babysitting for the past seven hours. This girl needs her man meat NOW!

I loved the movie "Equilibrium" and not just because His Royal Hotness was the lead character in the movie. He got to act alongside Taye Diggs (another good reason to see the movie). And did I mention that it's pretty badass?? If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. You'll be blown away by the slightly creepy storyline and the hotness that just oozes from the screen as you view it. Can I just say YUM YUM!!!!!
And if you were having any doubts before, just look at this lovely image.
It kinda helps me.

Like now.
Kids are crazy. Srsly.
There. I'm all relaxed...and possi
bly drooling.
Okay, let's pretend we're not looking at the bod of an American Psycho here, and just bask in the gloriousness of those abs...
Mmmmm...that's nice.
I must stop staring
because I do have to finish this blog.
Okay, so this probably isn't helping me progress too far. Still, we love men with beautiful abs. Christian has got the market covered on that.Okay, can I please just take that for a ride already?
That car is pretty HOT too! I hope Christian likes sharing his toys!
Oh yeah, he looks pretty damn fine standing next to that lovely piece of machinery, btw!
Christian, you always get some seriously badass roles! You were a badass in The Dark Knight. A badass in Equilibrium. A badass in Terminator Salvation. A badass in Reign of Fire. A badass...well just bad in American Psycho. It's no wonder you've got a bad attitude!
No worries though, Christian, for I, Kelle
belle1981, also have a bad attitude (the bad attitude blog will be premiering shortly, btw, so be on the lookout)!

So, the bottom line is that you're just one giant hunk and the short temper just gives that bad boy air that so many girls love anyway. I'm not complaining!

I'm OUT!


I CAN SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING...and it smells awesome!

The Rock is cooking up some hotness! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Dwayne Johnson.....oh so hotspice!  

We almost wanted to watch the WWE when you were on it...but then you left to become an actor...that's where the "almost" fits, right! Just sayin' be winking at me?  I hope so, that would be hotspice! You be so cute! I smell what you are cooking...and it smells darn good.
Ummm...holy scorpion king hotness!!!!

I repeats and white helps increase the muscleage...what do your tattoos mean mr. the rock?  

You look innocent...and pouty cute but you are GUILTY, of hotness!  Don't make your puppy dog face at me you have been convicted of HOTNESS!
okay...Hey everyone I'm hotness...I surrender....I'm hot! let me show you, see...I'm hotness even in a suit...I mean especially in a suit!

hey everyone, I'm number 1 of what I don't know but I just know I am number 1. Number one wrestler hotness!

Hi...I have a big belt buckle with a longhorn on it...I hunted it myself and had it mounted on this hood ornament belt buckle.  You know you fine when your belt buckle is almost as big as your head!  And we recognize that wink we would recognize it anywhere! thinks that this was why these white tank tops were invented! Yum!

You be so hotspice! We wanna wrestle with me or call me and we'll set it up your wife never has to know

I love you hunk hunka prime man meat!


Chris Evans is One of the Sexiest Actors Ever!

Oh MY Gawd...look what came up on Google images when I typed in Chris Evans' name!methinks this may be meant to be..hehe
Holy Ab-muscleage!  Geezus...I mean what a Fantastic 8 pack!

Okay get this, he was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the sexiest stars in film history! Holy crap! That's nuts!!! but so not hard to believe

Umm...this is a wierd picture, hello I'm Chris Evans I think I'll sexily step over this bench? with no shirt! Okay like no shirt is right!  This 28 year old Bostonian (one of my all time fav cities fyi) knows his way through some crunches...damn!!!  I have no words...the hotness has overtaken all my senses except sight (thank god)
Hey I'm allergic to shirts I'm weakening...
hahahahahahahahahaha....I'll lick that off...only a guy as sexilicious as you could pull this off with a't breathe laughing so hard....*fell off couch* THUMP! OW! It's okay the pain was worth it!
Another hottie man with the shirt tasting...don't understand....why are shirts so delicious to hot men...ok I sorry but do you think this is a natural pose for men like do you know a lot of them that come up and go hey and eat their shirt like this...dunno, but ryan gosling, jake gyllenhaal, and now chris, idk!

Ummm....hi...I was just walking down the street and *random thought* I need some office supplies, especially a lot of printing paper! I have to print off Midnight Sun...Don't Judge! umm yeah do you have that no shoes no shirt rule thingie?
For you we will make the exception trust me!

Okay cause I was about to go all Cellular on your ass!  haha....he's a mover...he can move things with his mind...ummm...can you move your pants off...just sayin' kthanxbye

Chrissipoo it seems you always get the coolest characters in your movies...that be coolspice!

Ummm...hi...towel please fall down...NOW! do it!
Okay like this dude is so hot he can produce fire from his hand! burn the towel!!!