Sunday, May 24, 2009

From cute in Van Wilder to X-treme Hotness!

I have a theory.  There's something magical in the water in Canada.  Many of the men we love the most these days come from the silent land to the north of us.  All I know is whatever is in the water, like milk, it does a body good!

Exhibit A:

This is a picture from a story that Ryan did in Men's Health magazine!

Not only was he the literal "picture" of men's health.  He was also the picture of hotness.  This was shot after his drool-worthy, Wesley Snipes eat your heart out performance in Blade Trinity.  My theory about men from other countries being hot is still in effect.
Here he is in his first hit American movie, National Lampoon's Van Wilder with the skankarific Tara Reid.  

Way back when in a land where TV shows lasted more than one season, and cute men actually played lead roles, Ryan was cast as the hot carefree, womanizing, doctor in Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place.  Does anyone remember this show?  It's been off the air so long, I almost forgot myself.  I remember watching that show thinking, god that guy is a doctor and he's that hot, wtf? I need to make an appointment for a full physical. STAT!

The 33 year old has come leaps and bounds since he played in that short-run series, which was still good by the way, he did a movie called School of Life that was in theaters in his native Canada, but only got "made-for-TV" status here in the states.  He played Mr. D the coolest teacher ever, who taught other teachers how to be better as he fights the ultimate battle, against cancer.  If you need any proof that he isn't just the class clown this tear-jerker will have you crying with the "ugly face."

The man can act!

The 6' 2" hunk of man meat is not only extremely easy on the eyes, he has a sense of humor that makes him damn near irresistable!

 Exibit B:

In Van Wilder he was the king of college cool.  He stole our hearts along with aforementioned skank actress Tara Reid.

Then he was the only comic relief in a very dark Blade Trinity, for which he grew a beard and an insane amount of muscles and we were drooling not complaining.  It made all of us sit up and take notice, oh yeah I guess Jessica Biel was in good shape too....who cares?

Here he is in the previously mentioned role in Blade:Trinity, where he quite literally saves Wesley Snipe's ass and gives us some funny ex-girlfriend, used to be a vampire but I was cured, banter!

On a very secret day sometime last September, a day all women's hearts broke just a little, Ryan married his long-time luckiest bitch in the world girlfriend/fiancee Scarlett Johansson.  I don't know if her last name is spelled right but who gives a crap.

Then, the only person who could upstage an insanely ripped and dangerously in shape Hugh Jackman in Wolverine was Ryan and his sword play in the newest piece of droolworthy movie eyecandy X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I can't remember at this time what the name of his character in Wolverine was I was too busy gaping with my mouth open to notice what they called him and he did not get enough screen time at all!!!

Next up for Ryan is the highly anticipated return to romantic comedy as Sandra Bullock's hot assisstant in The Proposal.  All I know is there is a scene in the movie where he's supposed to be sans clothes, which means without clothes.  The movie looks cute, but even if it isn't I'm going to see it for the reason presented in the last sentence.  There should be a Ryan Reynolds nude scene in every movie he is in.

He may have done a movie, called Just Friends, but how can you look at this so delicious, funny, extremely taken, I hate you Scar Jo! witty, cool, graceful, and all the other good adjectives in the dictionary and some that aren't and for the sake of innocent eyes should not be mentioned here.  So as the title says, from cool, big man on campus Van Wilder to hotness in the X-treme!  Ryan Reynolds makes me want to go to Canada to see if I can find a man maybe not as good as the real thing, but pretty damn close, I swear they put beauty in the water up there!  OH SO HOTT!
This was a longer blog than most because Ryry is one of my most favorite guys!

Tell me how much it would take to bribe you into marrying me Ryan?

I'll go see any movie he's in and I can always hope that maybe, like most Hollywood marriages this one falls apart too. Man! This man makes me a bad bad girl  

I will be there in June when this movie comes out (trust). Hats off to Canada, we love you if for nothing else giving us Hayden Christiansen, Ryan's Reynolds and Gosling and many other pieces of man meat.  What is in the water up there srsly!


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  1. Finally, a MAN! Someone older than myself.. lol! And scrumptious!