Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Boys on the Block

this is one of those so and so is the and so...comment and tell me if you will know if I do while reading as presented in last week's Us Weekly magazine.


They say he's taking Vince's crown as the king of "cad comedy." Well let's all hope not. Bradley, please do not follow in Vince's footsteps. Do not get fat and sloppy and for the time being do not get engaged. kthanxbye! If you want to date Jennifer Aniston, however we can make an exception for this similarity.

Okay here's one throwing me for a loop...for real!

Shia LaBeouf: the new Mel Gibson

here are the reasons why:

1.) Devilishly handsome (check)
2.) Hit action hero franchise (check)
3.)Foot in mouth disease (check)

For the foot in mouth disease...Mel's anti-semitic slurs when arrested for DUI
Shia....called his mother "the sexiest woman I know and said, "If I could meet my Mom and marry her I would....groddy...

here's why not! 1st Shia is cute...Mel once was...not anymore...

Shia seems to learn from his mistakes...whereas Mel is still making some of the same mistakes as the 23 year old Shia.

Shia has acting chops that if developed properly can surpass the talents of Mel, while Mel is stuck with the talents he has today and won't develop any better...

and did I mention...ewwww!

Justin the new Paul Rudd

Last time I checked Paul Rudd was still the new Paul Rudd...or did I miss something?

this ladies is Justin Bartha...boyfriend to Ashley Olsen for over a year now) in the new movie The Hangover with other subject Bradley Cooper and is known for playing the witty wingman. (see National Treasure with Nicolas Cage)
We all remember Paul Rudd as the love interest to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless (please tell me you remember Clueless, i'm not that old, right?)
He's still funny, still good looking and still got that leading man appeal....hello anyone see I Love You Man? or better yet Role Models..hello...Paul is still hot and Justin is not so hot...he's too geeky...I mean Paul was so cool that he captured Phoebe's heart on Friends and we all know how hard that was. Paul was sort of geeky but not anymore. Justin has the same wit and charm but not the same looks or appeal that made us all swoon!

I totally disagree with all of this...Paul Rudd is too young to be "replaced" figure something else out and by the way Justin Bartha is only ten years younger it's not like he's a spring chicken!

Channing Tatum..the new Bruce Willis

in Us Weekly's favor...Bruce Willis has lost his sex appeal by now and is old enough to be replaced by a younger hotter version.

Enter Channing Tatum....he trains hard and obviously if you have seen any of the four Die Hard's so did Bruce back in the day.

Bruce got his start as a superstar later in life after a run on Moonlighting

Channing can dance..don't know about Bruce's skills in that area
Bruce has an unexplainable sex appeal where as Channing's appeal is not unexplainable it's obvious. This one is one I might agree with.'s the creepy one!!!!!!


Robert Pattinson is the new Johnny Depp

1.) chiseled cheekbones (check)
2.) almost completely universal sex appeal (check)
3.) great acting skills (check)
4. ) gets deep into their characters (check)
5.) shies away from the attention of Hollywood's screaming fans (check)
6.) ladies man (check)
7.) over night sensation (check)

Depp got famous quickly from his role in 21 Jump Street and Rob went from zero to hero after his role in Twilight took his career to iconic proportions.

Reasons why not:
1.) Johnny Depp is still hot
2.) Johnny Depp is still hot
3.) Johnny Depp is still hot

Let's see if Rob can make his career as long as Johnny's with the critical acclaim that Johnny has had over the years as well.

Johnny went through his share of women, whereas Rob seems to just want the one girl he can't really have. We will have to wait and see, but in the mean time Rob should be extremely flattered.


this is one I personally agree with...harrison is ready to be replaced he's getting to old to be Indiana Jones anymore.

Chris is said to have modeled his version of Captain Kirk on his vision of Han Solo in Star Wars...

Chris also emulates Harrison's patented toughness: by going to a a two-month boot capt to learn boxing along with some of his other Star Trek castmates and the Israeli Martial Art Krav Maga. Go Chris...Harrison at 66 is not good material for the leading man anymore and Chris has the sexy swagger and attitude that Harrison helped to create and he wears it well...go Harrison who's boss!


if you mean they are similar because they made their breakout movies when they looked like they were 12 then okay that I get...I wouldn't mind seeing Zac go down in the ocean... did I mention he's on my one way rocket to the moon? I do not like him Sam I am.
They say that Zac is trying to be a "serious" actor, ummm...when would that be? When he's singing in High School Musical 1-3, don't think so!

Leo has been Oscar-nominated since like birth, so he's go the acting chops, Zac hasn't shown that yet, I will admit to his good performance of a younger Matthew Perry in 17-Again, but he just copied Matthew Perry's mannerisms...that means he's a good imitator, but he has yet to prove his acting ability at all. Okay, he can sort of sing and dance and do it all while holding a basketball...but act...don't think so yet! Maybe he will turn out to be as good as Leo but that is yet to be determined.

the rocket can wait...we will let him try to prove he can actually act, we know he obviously has horrible hair, but that doesn't mean anything.

Okay here's the wierd-one, I don't get this one at all...maybe you guys can tell me why this happened

Taylor Lautner is the New Keanu R


Taylor is devoted to his roles and put on 26 pounds of muscle, and so did Keanu for Speed and the Matrix but the similarities end right there....I don't get this at all.

What do you guys think! comment dangit!!!!! you forever if you do!


  1. There is NO WAY IN HELL that Robert Fagginson will EVER be the next Johnny Depp! He is nowhere near the level of hotness that Johnny is. Plus, Robert can't act for bullshit!

    Mary Gaga, Mystits, Guyla & Shellballs

  2. Sebastian Stan is the new Jason Priestley!