Friday, November 27, 2009


The Kellebelle and I have been busy little bees lately and have sadly neglected the man meat blog. We will have FatherRobward give us our penance later

This little movie came out that 100 million people have been dying to see
NEW MOON, Yes I think that is the name.

Well of course there was Edward--->hawtness

The scene where he is walking to Bella from his car. I just about died!

Then there is Jacob with his body full of muscles. Some I didn't even knew existed. Damn go!

But there was one guy who caught my eye both at the premiere and in the movie. He wasn't in it for very long unfortunately

That would be the man who plays Demetri. Also known in real life as


Hello, what I wouldn't give to have you look at me like this, or AT ALL!!

I mean is there a Team Demetri?? If not there should be!

Drool! Obviously photoshopped but not him....just goes to show can't correct perfection!

For some reason I feel like I need a kiss from a hot man....oh wait there you are Charlie! How convenient. Muah! IF ONLY!

Umm...holy hawtness! long are you legs?? Can I measure really really closely?


Unbutton more buttons all of them that's it.

He was not on the screen very much. But I melted with every word he said.

Charlie we will see you in Eclipse...our love for you will never end..

Shut up Death Cab for Cutie...not everything ends...the celebmanmeat post doesn't end it just takes breaks now and then!

We love you Charlie....Call me!


  1. OMFG!!!!!!!
    can someone scream hotness???!!!!!!
    I didn't even notice him in new moon but DAYUM!!!! cute face+hot bod=drooling fierce!!!!
    loving this blog like crazy!
    good job man meat experts!

  2. Soooo cute.... I am officially gay now......