Saturday, May 23, 2009

Captain Kirk...Who Knew?

CHRIS PINE: Makes us Pine for his Enterprising ways

Once again, we went to see a summer blockbuster not knowing what to expect.  Most of us thought of Trekkies as those geeks that always make the V with their hand and say..."live long and prosper...

That was then:  NERDS NO MORE!

ENTER: Chris Pine

Captain Kirk is hot again! CHRIS PINE plays James Tiberius Kirk in the 2009 remake of Star Trek

There will be a lot more than nerds at the Trekkie conventions from now on. You can bet you will see screaming girls and brand new fans.

Remaking Star Trek without William Shatner and introducing something we all saw as our parent's favorite sci-fi show, made before the word sci-fi was even invented, was not just risky it was downright insane.  

Sometimes, you have to gamble to get the spoils...and oh! were the spoils of JJ Abrams' new hotter Star Trek worth every penny.  

Chris Pine (sooo hott)

A little info about our hot new Captain, he can give me orders anyday!

We lovers of the "chick flick" first noticed Chris when he tried to steal the crown away from Anne Hathaway in the sequel to the Princess Diaries, The Princess Diaries 2.  He didn't end up stealing her throne instead he stole her heart and ours too.

To quote Virginia Slim cigarettes (smoking is sicknast) slogan: You've come a long way baby!

After his part in the disney tween hit, he was cast next to our favorite sexuality confused pin thin star Lindsay Lohan in the mediocre box office draw Just My Luck.  Again he plays the heo and everyone lives happily ever after.

But he didn't get the appreciation he deserved until his face was all over movie theatres bigger than life next to Zachary Quinto's (previously of Heroes) Spock and we definitely took notice...hello Captain me a Trekkie I'm in love with the boy.

The, 28, year old hot and cocky Captain Kirk had us staring at the screen with drool down our chins...(napkins or tissues anyone?)  Hopefully, many, many more reprisals of this role will once again grace our huge digitally enhanced movie screen.  Move over William Shatner, you have been replaced very appropriately!

I'm ready for more As soon as possible please!

More Chris to come....(trust)

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