Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Would Fight for Channing Tatum!

At the request of one of our recent viewers MaliciousMandy we are posting a picture or ten, of the gorgeous, chiseled, beautiful and apparently one-woman man Channing Tatum.

Here you go Mandy, good idea girl! How could we have not thought of this sooner? FYI: All you twilight fanatics out there...rumors are buzzing around the metaphorical water cooler that this piece of pure sexiness may find his way onto the list of hot vampires in Twilight. He has been may have been offered a role in Eclipse to be Victoria's willing assistant to try to kill Bella....we will have to wait and see if this goes from rumor to fact. Stay tuned!

Ever since he danced his way into our hearts in Step Up or was the guy afraid to ask out the hottest girl in school in She's the Man, we have loved, adored, stared and drooled for Channing Tatum. Dude, this guy is freaking hot! There were far too many clothes on him in Step Up but a man who can dance like that is freaking sexy!

GI Joe used to be just some androgynous looking action figure, but NO MORE!

Channing Tatum takes up the suit and role of one of the awesome GI Joes and in this case I think GI Janes too. Not too sure? Jenna Dewan his co-star in Step Up stole his heart in the movie and in real life too because dude they are engaged! I am so jealous of her! I want to be engaged to him, no wait I would take one day, Jenna please?

Okay, I think that's probably a lost cause, but a girl can dream right. I mean dude, he was in that movie with Ryan Phillipe, I wanted to go to war only if I could be near him...grrrrr

He is currently starring in the movie fighting where by some miraculous power he can beat the crap out of anyone he wants and still keep his pretty face, pretty. So let's recap shall we, amazing abs, great dancer, faithful boyfriend/fiance, unbeatable fighter, GI JOE, outshone Ryan Phillippe in Stop/Loss.

Like the title says I would fight any girl for Channing Tatum, but since that opportunity will probably never present itself, Jenna Dewan? you up?, I say sooo hott! Channing Tatum you make my heart sing you make everything groovy....

Can I just say DAMN! THAT MAN IS HOT! Srsly, hotspice!!

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  1. Mmmmmm Thanks... and let me add that there is talk of him having a role in Eclipse - meaning he'd be in Vancouver *Squeeeeee*