Sunday, May 24, 2009 Canada hiding some hotness gene from the rest of us??

Ryan Gosling, I LOVE YOU!

I'm not sure what is going through your head while you take an oh-so-sexy nip at the collar of your shirt, but I hope you're thinking "Wow, that Kellebelle1981 girl is HOT, and I must find her and marry her immediately!" And Ryan, my answer is YES!

Now back into the real world I must go.

Is there anything you do that doesn't make me love you just a little more? I'll have to admit, "The Note
book" solidified the fact that you're perfect, you're hot (even with that scruffy beard), and you have eyes that make me turn into a giant puddle of goo.'s hard to type a Man Meat Story when your fingers have the consistency of pudding.

Our dear, sweet Ryan was born on 12 November 1980, which puts him at just a little over three months older than Man Meat Expert, Kellebelle1981. He was born in London, Ontario, Canada, which is really far away from Nashville, TN, but airplanes and passports will get you anywhere these days! Hey Ryan, that's your cue to come visit me! I, sadly, have the salary of a preschool teacher, and cannot afford to do the finer things in life, such as...well...anything exciting.

So, Ryan, I will continue to stalk plan our future meeting
and thus negate the need for you to look at another woman ever again.

For any of you unfamiliar with this h
otter than hell hunk o' man meat, I must ask, where have you been hiding your heads for the past several years? He appeared in an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" back in the day when Nickelodeon still aired cool shows!!! Since then, he has appeared in "Remember the Titans," "Murder by Numbers," "The Notebook" (DUH), "Stay" (one of my all-time favorite movies), and "Fracture." Impressed? I don't see why not!

Are you paying attention? This bit o' man meat here comes with the additional package of "make me dizzy looking into your glorious eyes" eyes. Can I give this man a hug? I promise, I'll let go after a minute or twenty, but I'm sure that by then my plan to make him fall madly in love with me will have worked and he won'thave to pry ask me to remove my arms from around his waist.
Did RPattz steal his blue hat from RGos (okay, yeah that name is pretty lamespice)??

Srsly, if you haven't seen "Stay" then I highly recommend you watch it. Not only is he some serious Man Meat material, but my boy here can ACT!! See it! See it! SEE IT!!

No matter what he's got growing on that remarkable face of his, the bottom line is that Ryan is HOT HOT HOT! kthanxbye!

I'm OUT!

Kellebelle1981 (AKA The future Mrs. Gosling)


  1. Yeah, I LOVED him in the The Notebook!

  2. You are missing his roles in Young Hercules and BREAKER HIGH lmao - - have you seen the show? omg!! LOL Sean Hanlon was the BIGGEST dork... but I still thought he was cute ;)

    More noteably, Half-Nelson I enjoyed thouroughly...


  3. Hey... I'm from Canada! I guess I should move! Oh, I looooooove the Notebook!