Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kellan, won't you be MY monkey man?

Oh Kellan we love you too, we could never forget about you...ah rhyming again wtf!

Kellan, my darling, my studliness, your tree climbing in Twilight did not just get noticed by Rosalie. You do your own stunts...hotness factor officially increased!

Don't think we didn't notice Emmet's gorgeousosity along with Rpattz. We are not blind dude, we see the hotness(sooo hott!), we see the prime rib of man that you are...grrr!
We know what a nice guy you are...your on-screen be addressed later(trust)...could barely pull himself away after months away from his real family you must really be somethin special to have a bromance that good!

We also notice how you are trying to get back to your farm boy roots and honey, we do not object we will be happy to role around in the hay with you, you just say the word and we will jump into that haystack! No stunts required well....some..if you

Here you are in a blue, I totally started to sound like Dr. Seuss there for a sec. Whether you are driving to go hunt in your dirty, but I might mention expensive, Jeep, or cruising in this blue car, we will follow you Kellan no matter where you are...

Here you are making black sexy, bring that sexy black!

Kellan do not be mad..I have to admit I saw the video you shot back when you were dating Anna Lynne McCord hard for me to typeand how you were singing to her to let her light shine, well you know all that did was make you even more lovable. I remember thinking damn he's so sweet. Why is that girl so damn lucky. Haven't heard much about that fling relationship and I have to say I'm happy!

I am not complaining but a little color would be nice too...not that you don't look good in black, you would look good in a potato sack....why am I rhyming it's so lamespice!

Oh, Kellan My Kellan, only one as hot as you could tame our Rose. We wouldn't mind tearing down a few houses with you any time.

The picture above is from when Kellan wasn't working out, this 24 year old, smokin piece of man meat is the only man I know who you could be in a picture with RPattz and we not notice him but you instead! Trust, not many men could say that with the RPattz phenomenon that has circled the world, but we can tell those girls are taking notice of you too.



  1. HeeHee, he IS hot, isn't he?:D

  2. Oh, here it is... very nice =D I warship whom ever did the casting of the Twilight men!!