Wednesday, June 3, 2009

John Stamos, I need to go to the ER, Uncle Jesse

Dear John Stamos,

I am so glad you are not my uncle because you are so hot.

Uncle Jesse was the
best part of Full House, by and far!

We loved that you were a biker/musician who was so good with his three little nieces. I have one small request though. Please do not ever grow a mullet again!

Mullets were lame when they were in.

I'm glad little Stephanie accidentally cut it all off because your new hair cut made you hot despite the fact you were sporting a full body cast.

However, I think you learned your lesson. Mullets suck. The end.

These days you are mega HOT! Thanks for aging so well.
Who can resist a man that looks like you?
Unless you're that blue chick from the X-Men movies.
She is apparently
blind as a bat.
tever.I love your hair. Please make sure it always stays sexy.
You were the best badass uncle!! I'm glad you slept in a bedroom with pink bunnies on the wall, and you look so sweet in this picture with one of the currently annoying, not-so-stylish Olsen twins. Those were the days.

Even with a little bit o' stubble, you're still one hunka hunka burnin' piece o' man meat, and always will be!

Oh, if only I could walk home and see you standing there waiting for me.
That would be my version of heaven.
Please sing to me every night and play the guitar too.
That's hotness on a stick!

Much stalking love,


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