Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Josh Lucas You Had Me at Hey Darlin'!

Okay there is this really good movie called Sweet Home Alabama.  It stars Reese Witherspoon, Patrick Dempsey (see older posts for him) and of course who could forget! JOSH LUCAS!

For those of you who can't remember who he is...

With his insanely blue eyes and irresistible can you not love him...he makes me heart go pitter pat!

From the first minute we see Jake all covered in grease and sexy in Sweet Home Alabama...I don't know about you...but I was in love!!!

Patrick Dempsey is very hot! But the only guy who could possibly

Josh theory stands...why do hot men like the taste of shirts?!!
Stills of Josh as Jake Perry in Sweet Home Alabama...ummm..can you tell this is one of me favorite movies???? If only Josh would look at us that way! In my dreams..for real!

Josh Lucas is so hot...he can save me from a sinking ship..I loved him in Poseidon!
He gained a little weight in Glory Road but he was still hot! Not only, were you hot with a little weight on you but you can play any role.

You got into dang good shape to play a fighter pilot alongside Jamie Foxx in Stealth.

The Arkansas born hottie has currently been dating Rachel McAdams and you know what I love her so much I can't be mad at her...she's cool!

She gets Ryan Gosling then tames Josh's wild ways after he had been around the block of Hollywood actresses before meeting and dating Rachel.

As much as I wish it were me in his arms and smooching him all over Canada, I cannot hate her. I can only envy her and hope some day he comes to Nashville and falls in love with me!

A girl can dream can't we?  Shut up!! It could happen!

I lived in a small town in Alabama for 3 and a half miserable years and there were no men that looked like him, or even anywhere close to as cute!

As you can tell by the abundance of pictures I have a soft spot for Josh, but even when he was sleeping his way through Hollywood, I didn't judge.  I still loved you, still do...Rachel McAdams I hope you know what you got and hold on tight because you have competition! And I play dirty! lol

Love you,



  1. I may not be able to come to the site anymore, cuz he looks just like my ex-bf.... just too many memories :*0 Just kidding... love the blue eyes!

  2. Hey toots-
    He truly is the one man on earth to bring a woman to her knees. Funny story, circa: 2005. I moved from my hometown of Boston to NYC in Nov 2005. About a year after I arrived, I am walking towards Ebroadway, I start to cross the street, look up, and my heart nearly stopped. Josh was walking directly towards me, crossing the other way. I think I had a mini-stroke. I prayed time would stop so I could stare the rest o' the day..well, he couldn't NOT know I was groveling over him. Right as we passed shoulder to shoulder, he gave me the widest, brightest blue-eyed smile.
    And I proceeded to walk 24 blocks in the WRONG DIRECTION...