Monday, June 1, 2009

Jonathan Rhys Meyers! You are so BAD and so SEXY!!

Jonathan, you are the king of my heart! Even though you are kind of evil! Mwaaahhahaha
There's the smile we so rarely see these days, the smiles that make you sooo hot!
Umm..hi...I'm like twelve in this picture! When I grow up I want to chop off people's heads!

kay....if you have been living under a rock you don't know about this hunk of quality man meat! Jonathan Rhys Meyers, meet girls

Girls: Meet Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Ummm...hi...I just saw a ghost...I'm really scared, see how big my eyes can get?
I am trying to be EVIL! Well you just look scared...just sayin' Don't chop off my head! I think your EVIL is fabulosity!
Okay...ummm...hi ...this = HOTSPICE! Sooo hottt!!!!
I didn't know they had tie-up pants back in the olden years and stuff are those Ed Hardy? I have to admit Jon Jon that you scare the begeezus out of me as someone could bow wrong and you would have them killed!

You scare me more than scary movies....and what sucks but is also kinda great! is you portray a guy who really lived and who was really that terrible and you do it oh so well! We sure do get to see a lot of you in The Tudors...but this season, I'm not sure that's such a good thing! We know it's a character, but methinks you do it a little bit too well...

You are definitely a good actor...for sure...just don't let Henry's power go to your real beautiful head!

you look good all scruffy and happy...this should be how you are always! Kthanxbye!
Oh Jonathan Rhys's funny only the Jonathan is part of your real name you were given in Dublin 32 years ago...but that's okay we know what stage names are...we get it!

Jonathan...ummm....bouffant much? Only the rpattz can sport this and make it work...although you might get a pass since you played Elvis and all...idk...

Love ya! Man Meat


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