Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patrick Dempsey You are oh so McDreamy!

You are delicious McManMeat!

I swear to you I CAN'T BUY ME LOVE!  I could have millions of dollars and it wouldn't be even close to what you are worth in the hearts of many on  Grey's Anatomy!
 Look at young mcdreaminess!
This is how we remember you as the nerdy guy who dates the head cheerleader for 1000 dollars in Can't Buy Me Love...we were in love with you then! And OH HOW YOU HAVE GROWN!
see you hot! 
You look so serious PATRICK! Cheer up, in order for you to do this all you have to do is look in the mirror...cause in case no one has told you  YOU BES HOTNESS!

the sexy issue for sure!  Umm hi...You're HOT!

Oh how we love the new nicknames we can give everyone a "Mc" in front of a hot adjective because of you and your mcdreaminess and your mchotness!
Umm....I have no words...yes I do...Holy McDreaminess...someone took this straight out of my fantasies!  How did they know?!?!? It's scary it's like they have ESPN or something...hehe

mmm..kay?  Why are there not more pictures of you shirtless...shirtless you is AWESOMESPICE!  I looked all over the internet for pictures with you sans shirt, there were not many to choose season on Grey's Anatomy how about you do surgery shirtless I don't think anyone will complain.....ummmm...yeah!
OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! Holy mcdreamy leatherness...Hotspiceness!

for all of those of you who have watched Grey's Anatomy can you tell me if they might write the pregnancy of Ellen Pompeo who is so not as pretty as Patrick, nor pretty enough for him  I never understood what you see in her?  Whatever! It's one of those unexplainable thingies.

You give new meaning to the word SUIT!  There should be a new word, I'm going to call this a SEXY!  I want one of these, but you have to be included!

Patrick you are McDreamy for a reason and I don't know but I think that girl in Made of Honor might have been a little "special," seriously??? You pick some groddy Scottish dude over the hot McDreaminess!  Thank god she wised up before the end...her hair looked like a cat sitting on top of her head...groddy!


Love you keep bringing the Mcdreaminess to the TV every week, kthanxbye!


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  1. Just this past season finale, Meredith found out she was pregnant, but then she miscarried after Patrick Dempsey was shot :(