Friday, June 12, 2009

Shirtless Celebs! Need I Say More! Yes, Shirtless Celebs!

Possibly the longest blog in celebmanmeat history...don't care like to look at men with 6 or 8 packs all over this page thought they should be put all together for our viewing pleasure!

Superman needs to get rid of the blue and the red how about just wear nothing, but since this is a general audience blog we will not express our thoughts on the matter of what your new outfit will be!
I dub thee, Jensen the gorgeous.  You make Sam look like a whimpering little boy and I love that you do.  I love how you held out and got tortured every day for 40 years in hell...hotness!
I love how you slept with an Angel, who could claim the same?

We don't wanna RENT you Taye we want to make your ours permanently...I know you are married but hollywood marriages always break up, well not always but we are keeping *fingers crossed*

I think I'm gonna go to Canada where Ryan Reynolds is from and LA and steal all his towels so we can see more!
He's so hot when he was on screen in Wolverine all I could see was him. What makes him even hotter is his sense of humor and he says he would go gay for's a catching disease! I'd rather see him with anyone but ScarJo the ho!

Crawl your hotness body toward me...really fast..I need me some man meat love!
Me thinks Stephanie Meyer knew what she was doing when she helped cast Rpattz as Edward and look what happened...SUPERSTAR!  Drop that shirt and someone steal it from him.
and yet another shirtless rob for our viewing pleasure just wish it was closer up!

Rob shirtless in Italy I am so grateful to whoever told Rob to wax and work out...he's already dazzling, cannot imagine what his skin will look like all sparkly!
As far as I'm concerned this is the official new moon poster...I don't know why that other one is it's lame.  I've seen fan made ones example above  that are 20 times better.
you are definitely McDreamy in this mirror image.  Love you McDreamy marry someone else besides Meredith, she is way too whiney for you!
I wonder how the Cullen kids would feel if their vampdad was changed just like this above...I think I would join your coven lickety split!  I don't think Esme would let you leave the house if this what you looked like along with your dazzling vampire specialties! Jenny Garth everyday that you wake up and this hotness is in your bed...pray a lot of gratitude to God! Srsly!

There are so many reasons to love Mark Wahlberg and his abs are definitely amazing as well as his acting! Love ya our Calvin Klein underwear model! You really fill out those CK's well!
Zack Morris no more! MPG you are super hot...MPG=Mark Paul Gosselar he's on some lawyer show now and he finally cut that long straggly hair!
The force with this one strong is, hot guy he be, Yoda knows his stuff although he says it backwards but he's perfectly right! Hayden Christiansen you are officially jedi hotness! At least until you crossed over to Darth Vader, not many women like heavy breathing.
If this is what Kellan Lutz looks like after all that beer, what does he look like when he works out...mmmmm....*imagining* Me died!
I've said it before but you are freakin hotness, but I hate your dumb outfits as King Henry VIII just remind me to never piss you off.  I like my head attached!
I really don't think that King Henry the VIII was supposed to be this hot...I will have to see when I go to London!
There is something very Supernatural about how hot your abs are and your whole family...hello Jared and hello Jensen!  Please do more than 5 seasons! We need you on Thursday nights!
James Marsden we so wanted to marry you in 27 had us at Benny and the Jets! You rock my world whether you are cyclops or anything..shoot more movies soon!
Come hither beach bunny.  Why is it that guys look so good in blue swim trunks see also Daniel Craig below! Did I mention that I want to be Reese Witherspoon?
I don't know whether you are taking off that shirt or putting it on *crosses fingers that you are taking it off* just like in my dreams!
Ummm...hi....I'm so going to see Prince of Persia when it comes out! When would that be by the way? Any time but November 20th would be awesome! It would be a nice Christmas present..just sayin' kthanxbye! Did I mention Reese Witherspoon is my idol?
Don't know if you've looked in a mirror lately Hughie but you are freakin amazing looking, I mean we didn't go to see X-men because we collected comic books...duh! Although I could do without the funky sideburns but you would look good no matter the conditions!

Okay, still don't understand why you are playing golf in a towel, but I'm not complaining, TRUST! We wish they would make a law that says you can never wear a shirt again...that would be a very just law. You know equal rights and all that! What is so rare about you is that you are as good on the inside as you are on the outside and that's saying a lot!

Gwen Stefani, thank you for carrying on this gene pool.  Talented musician and hot man who is also an awesome Dad and husband! We love him for that, we just all wish we were his wife, instead of you. Every day you wake up next to him, thank the good Lord for your blessings! I'm just sayin'

Eric Bana as Hector! in Troy with Brad Pitt donning his armor, or rather not donning his armor! Love it! We so wanna be the chair you are hugging! 
The Rock...'nough said!

David Boreanaz in a bathtub...holy Angelic hotness! He is Agent Booth in Bones and played the brooding hottie vamp with a soul Angel. To quote the Furies MMMM Angel...
Totally 90's Brian Austin Greene- Megan Fox is a ho stupid to dump you for a youngin' whatevs I'll take you call me! Just don't wear this outfit k?
Alex Meraz as Paul one of the wolf pack coming to our eyes in New Moon coming in November.....not soon enough if you ask me. I'm loving how most of the cast is shirtless for like 90 percent of the movie hello Taylor Lautner Well at least you are old enough although married, all the good ones are taken!

American Hottie! All about Batman's abs!  Holy Hotness Shirtless Batman! Christian Bale you may have a temper but I think I could deal...wanna give me a chance?
Harry Potter got hotness!!!!! Ummm...they really are brewing the potions at Hogwarts.  Apparently it's ripped abs potion...we likey!
Hulloh! James Bond you bes hotness! Daniel Craig, we would like to roll around on a bed with you as James Bond or yourself, either or, we will not complain...just say when!
Clive Owen, what are you looking at? We are looking at you shirtless and you bes awesomespice! King Arthur got hot! Who knew?
Let the towel drop! Let the towel drop! Shirtless=awesome...towelless would be better...You have that Fantastic 6 er 8 pack going on here...we would not Push you out of!
Channing Tatum...those pants need to come off! We never knew GI Joe was so hot, if we had maybe we would have played with them as girls.  They could have married Barbie instead of androgynous no man parts Ken.  What a wedding that would be can you imagine the dancing at the reception??? Dude!

We love you Bradley, you are hot whether you are using your own name or an Alias, we will nurse your Hangover any day just call...anytime...we don't need to sleep if we can be with you!

Want some company in that bathtub there Bradley, you have the most gorgeous eyes and apparently the abs to match!
srsly go rent the Covenant! NOW!
The Covenant was like one of the hottest movies I've ever seen, your body was rockin then and now it's even better, never knew that was even possible!  Good Lord! You did a good job with this one Lord!  Well Done! Taylor Kitsch is sooo hot!
Tyson, you don't have to make me a Supermodel, how about just a date or something, or just let me touch the ab muscleage kthanxbye!
Last time I checked I didn't see any hot guys that look like you Nick Zano walking out to pick up their FedEx delivery, I woulda noticed....TRUST! Above is What I like about you!
Eminem you know you're hot. You rap about it constantly and it is okay because you know what you just look in the mirror and it's not bragging, not when you are stating a fact!
We love us some Patrick Dempsey but you and your hard abs and your gorgeous smile and piercing eyes made us say Patrick who again?  Umm...we want to marry you, so we can kiss you any time we really do make it Sweet Home Alabama!
I am not a fan of the purple pants and you rocked the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues and we wanted to lick it off you and we would be happy to take off those horrible pants...seriously if you weren't so hot we would have to sic the Fashion Police on you!


  1. seriously girl. longest blog in the history of any of our blogs! holy crap! while all hot, i didn't think the hotness would ever find an end! at least it was major eye candy for the 24 hours i was scrolling down to get to the bottom of this! :P

  2. most of these guys are smokin but sum arent...

  3. where is vin diesel & jared leto? u forgot 2 hot guys, but that sam from supernatural is soooooo hott!!! he got my attention every thurs night!

  4. Christian Bale's british

  5. you forgot john cena

  6. You forgot Vin Diesel,Taylor Lautner and William Levy

  7. my list is as follows:jensen ackles,jared padalecki, chris meloni, vincent d'onofrio!! they should be at the top of the list!!!! ;)