Tuesday, June 9, 2009

James Dean: You are STILL the DEFINITION of cool! RPattz..Pay Attention!

James walking in New York, one of the most famous pictures ever taken...for real!

This is possibly one of the most famous pictures EVER!!!!

Umm...hi! For those of you who don't know me (Julz) that well...I have an obsession pre-Rpattz that has never waned despite the years...James Dean (Rpattz only wishes he were that cool)


"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."
He definitely dreamed big, but unfortunately he didn't live forever but his legacy will never die!

For someone who only did about 3 movies in his short but important 24 years of life he made an impact that didn't die in 1955 like he tragically did!

He is the ONLY Rebel Without A Cause
Look Rpattz he was only in Hollywood for 5 years and he had more pictures taken of him than almost any film star EVER! and you thought you were popular!

Don't argue with me on this one trust me! I will fight for his honor! TO THE DEATH, well not really but I will dream it that way!

The only man I know who could emit cool vibes even in a cowboy hat! Yum! Yeehaw!

A picture with his most famous quote...the one he will always be famous for!

He had a GIANT career in just 3 movies!

In case you have forgotten! James Franco played in his biopic...hello hotness!!!!
See below:

Those were some GIANT shoes to fill! And James Franco did it pretty well! But there's nothing like the real thing!

He died young, but he left his mark...in the dictionary look up the word cool and you will see his picture right next to the word....'nough said.

He was terribly shy, but understood that lack of privacy was the cost of fame! Pay attention RPattz...he made you look like the life of the party compared to how timid he was.

I will love you always! You died young and will never grow old!


love you,


  1. OMR I had no clue James Franco played James Dean in a movie kewl!!!! But I would have to say it would be a dream of mine to have Robert P play him! that would be a total wet dream of mine **{{mwah}}**

  2. I actually think JD and RP look ALOT alike!

  3. Robert looks nothing like Dean. The only thing that is similar is their hair, which just about anyone can channel their inner Dean by cutting/styling it that way. My boyfriend is a HUGE (or shall I say GIANT, ha ha) and he used to style his hair the way Dean did and even smoke because James Dean did.
    This picture is from back in the day, senior portraits.


    I'd say he looks more like JD than RP does.
    And they don't look that similar.



  4. RP looks nothing like JD and should not be mentioned in the same sentence