Sunday, July 26, 2009


K, apparently while living my life during the day, I'm missing some hotness on TV in the form of the much ridiculed soap opera.
I need to stop hating and get to drooling apparently.

Ladies, meet Eric Winter from Days of Our Lives and like 10,000 other shows, he is like a professional guest star...srsly go to IMDB you will see what I mean.
This is a Days of Our Lives Publicity Shot of Eric, he was on the show forever...until 2005

It's kinda hard to find pictures of this guy not attached to his Siamese twin/new wife, Roselyn Sanchez, she knows what she's got and she is hanging on tight!

Here's Eric a little younger and a little less!

Patriotic, boxers, and hot abs, me=died
Love to see a man, just being a man you know?
Here he is lifting stuff, all manly!
Who doesn't like a man who's fearless? Well he is, there were some steamy scenes with another man on the ABC show Brothers and Sisters, he was the dreamboat that almost replaced Scotty, just almost. If you don't watch it, just look and drool.
Okay, you know how I said he is a professional guest star, here he is as an Ex in the short running show the Ex-list. (tie to Twilight *ahem*)

Here is Eric, and if you look you can see his permanent arm fixture right behind him she must have gotten distracted to let him go for even enough time to take the picture...geez girl...clingy much? This is him at the premiere of the Ugly Truth...srsly she's clingy!

This is a publicity shot from one of his many guest starring roles...

I shall now list in no particular order the shows he has guest starred or starred on..all are cancelled or he was on like 5 episodes.
1.) Moonlight-cancelled 2.)The Ex-List-cancelled after 7 episodes see above pic 3.) Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanomo Bay 4.)Brothers and Sisters on ABC show still on-he's not. 5.)Viva Laughlin-all 3 epidsodes that aired 6.)Wildfire on ABCFamily lasted a while he was on 5 eps. 7.)Love, Inc. 8.) Pepper Dennis 9.)CSI like 5 episodes 10.)Charmed 1 ep....there are many more we won't list them all as the would make the blog way too long

okay more pics
no doubt on one of his guest starring roles...that looks like his wife sitting next to him, not surprised she doesn't let him out of her site...srsly
Again on Brothers and Sisters

K, he is hot! Obviously! He hasn't hit it big yet, but I feel a big movie role to make him a household name coming in his future, but I'm no psychic

Oh cool little tidbit, I can connect him to Twilight in two steps
1.)Guest starred as an EX on the Ex-list with Elisabeth Reaser
2.) Elisabeth Reaser plays Esme Cullen on Twilight.

Damn I'm good!

Oh and I can connect him to Supernatural too
1.) Was on Wildfire with the starring role girl
2.) Starring role girl on Wildfire plays demon-bitch Ruby on Supernatural

Like I said, Damn I'm good! lol no it's actually kinda pathetic

I wish someone would pay me for this type of stuff...srsly that would be my dream job!


  1. quick question about the pic with him being patriotic....what magazine or movie was that in....i love his abs and want to know what kind of underwear he is wearing?

  2. he's so effin hawt....i cnt bliv i avnt noticed him b4