Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GI Channing Tatum

It has been brought to my attention lately that Channing Tatum is getting some time in the spotlight with his new role in the summer action movie GI Joe!

Did I mention he kills that skank Sienna Miller or at least hurts her I guess...hopefully.

I hate that girl!

Anyhoo...on with the hotness!

Okay childrens lemme tell you a lil story:

Once Upon A Time in a time called "The 80s" little boys all over the world played with pocket army men called GI Joe's: Here is what they looked like:
see, kinda androgynous not so hot!

Then they started making movies out of all the favorite 80s toys:
Example the first:
Example the second:
Example the third:
CONNECT FOUR! hahah just kidding making sure you are paying attention


The movie of Transformers made money and spawned a successful sequel and later that year:

comes this more updated version:
let's dissect Joe just a little for a minute or rather..let's undress him!
Holy crap! *thud* I died and hit my head!

Still know hotness when I see it!

Umm..don't know what these guys are doing in this pic, don't care! Love me some briefs on Channing Tatum! or rather off of him!

Okay off with the hat and the briefs as well *ahem*

Jenna I will do whatever it takes to make him ready for battle

Before he was GI Joe he was showing us his hot abs and his hotter than hell dancing skills! We WANTED him bad!

There were entirely too many clothes on him in Step Up with his now Bitch wife Jenna Dewan...some girls have all the luck!

His last movie was called long as it didn't mess up his pretty face!
Umm..we think you need to pull those pants down farther to measure umm
other things!

SUIT UP! Channing...lookin good...damn good!

Channing That is a HOT leather jacket!
Take it off mister!
That is an order soldier!
All I know is this GI Joe is frickin hotness!
End of Post because I am DEAD


Help help! I've fainted and I can't get up!
Oh crap! saw it again

K here's a pic from She's the Man for one of our loyal better comment for this extra effort! Oh and spread the word...take a button you know whatever you Have to do!


  1. YES!!!!!!! *DROOLALICIOUS* Im officially wiping the drool from my keyboard!!! He is effin guttertastic!! I shall now call myself G.I.Jane!! WOOT!!

  2. love the series of pics and the comments!!

  3. omg!! i love these pics. i'm freaking having a heart attack from all these pictures

  4. god he's so hot' it shouldn't be legal

  5. holly shit soooo want him ;) n now more than ever since i seeing magic mike OMG