Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Johnny Depp Magazine Covers...

Once Upon a Time Before Twilight
There was the the Supreme Hotness that is and was Johnny Depp!

Let's explore shall we?

Yes, we shall!
Obviously, well dressed men=sexy
men with guns=sexy
Johnny Depp has a gun and is very well dressed so umm..obviously 2 times the sexy

Johnny once donned many a magazine cover and obviously still does, when Rob isn't on the cover,  trust me many is an understatement.

Hello, pre-pirate hotness! Umm...I need to rent Once Upon a Time in Mexico! STAT!

How to be a better man? don't get any better than him...TRUST!

Want to know how
 to be a
 better man?  Look and act like Johnny Depp! 

The End.

If love is a battlefield, where the hell do I enlist?  I will fight for and with Johnny Depp...

I don't mind beating up Kate Moss or that French chick he's with now or whoever, if he will be mine. I will fight in any army on any battlefield!

Rob your heart out.  Johnny's been around way longer.
If you need advice on how to handle over night success ask Johnny.
If you need advice with how to be shy and 
still be a smoking hot celebrity.

 Ask Johnny!

yes, ladies, Johnny does Rock...he rocks hard!
Like it says from Pirates to Peter Pan from Viper Room to the Chocolate Factory 
and From 21 Jump Street to 21st-century super-star!

Johnny Depp surely has built himself an Empire!
It says Johnny Depp stole summer, well he certainly stole my heart in Public Enemies.  

He made me wanna be a bank robber! The only way that he would be my enemy is...oh wait...there is no way.  He made John Dilinger, not only notorious, but freakin hot!  

Thank god! Johnny Depp has kids...that is one gene pool it would be a crime to NOT continue! Hotspice!

Awww...he made movies for his kids.  He came from River Phoenix and the drug scene to smoking hot and did I mention Talented bonafide movie star! I want into his Private(s) errr... World

Hey,  Rob Pattinson, wanna learn how to have a private life and still be a gargantuan (word of the day) star? 


Umm..hi that shirt is fugly, but you somehow with your hotness..make it hot!
He had "jawporn" b4 Rob was even born!
Many more magazine covers to come...this wasn't even close to half or a third!