Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WARNING: James Marsters Hotness may induce overhotness related heart attack...

James Marsters

Once upon a time, you played one badass vampire.
Today...well you're still hot.
And you'll always be a badass vampire in my heart!

So I've been trying to figure out the pros and cons of a SPIKE IS HOT blog.
These are the kinds of pictures I have managed to find tonight.
I think I will "google" James Marsters on a daily basis.

Oh, Spikey, I see you beckoning me with that sexy finger.
If I could figure out how to jump through my computer screen and into your lap...
er, maybe I shouldn't finish that thought.

Seriously, this burnin' hot piece o' man meat makes my heart thud way too fast.
I'm going to need a doctor ASAP!
James Marsters, in case you were wondering where I was, I'm right here!
Call me!
No, seriously.

So hot!
Want to touch...
Okay, I'm about to start hyperventilating.
I'm not even halfway finished yet.
The power of Spike's hotness.
Holy crap!

Billy Idol Spike!
Check out those arm muscles!
If I were that Slayer, I'd be ripping that black vest off him!

In my world, I'm married to this man.
Honey, I'm home!
Could you imagine coming home from work to that every day?!?!
One can only dream...and drool...and possibly have a heart attack induced by too much hotness of Spike.

Spike, I would have treated you so much better than that whiny vampire slayer!
I love you!
Kick that bitca outta bed!
She stole my spot!
Kick her out...NOW!

And for those of you Angel lovers, here is a pic of Angel standing next to Spike...the Ultimate Hotness!
Don't worry.
Angel just needs to learn a few things from Spike.
For one thing...those abs.

Have you passed out from the hotness yet?
Or the nakedness?
I almost did when I was uploading these.
Just sayin'...
This is an extremely dangerous guy to post pictures of.
Pay close attention to the abs!

This may cause heart attack!
If your heart is unable to take too much hotness at once...
leave this page!
If not...enjoy ogling the James Marsters hotness!!

My my my!
Once again, if only I could jump through my computer screen.
This is a little like torture.
And a little like heaven.
Mostly a little like torture right now.
I'm not sure how much more I can take.

And I will leave you with this image.
His pants are unbuttoned.
Let your imagination take care of the rest.
I know I will.
Once I can get my heart rate back down to normal, that is.
James Marsters, CALL ME ASAP!

I'm OUT!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Dude...I have no words for what this on a quote Jose Jalapeno! Love it! Love it!
    did i mention hotspice! Me=died!

  2. *heart attack and dies*
    at least my heaven will consist of 3 James Marsters trying to please me all at once *sigh*


  3. you guys are scary ..... he is good looking but you guys sound like your having sex with him on a computer. plz dont dishonor him in this way. creeps :/

  4. well if you didnt like the comments dont read them!..... JUST SAYING!

  5. + i think he is an awesome guy:)