Saturday, July 4, 2009

Once Upon A Time These Guys Were Hotness Supreme If Not Now!

Do you remember this:

and this:
or how about this:

Now, do you remember how hot this guy was?  You know before he got fat?

how about when he looked like this...he had us all screaming way before RPattz!

He is only the King of Rock and Roll and there are good reasons girls were screaming all over the world!

Then came a movie that changed all of our views on dancing:

It didn't just teach us a new dance.  It brought in a new era of clothing, dancing, having fun and having a good time on any budget.
And it taught us that John Travolta is a damn good dancer!

Then about 20 years later came this movie:  We all fell in love instantly

If Johnny (Patrick Swayze) had anything to do with it, it would have been the hottest resort ever!

We all wanted Patrick to rescue us from that corner...
Shut up you know you did!
You can teach us to dance anytime Patrick...we hope you beat this cancer and even if you don't you have showed us that it can be done...we love you and hope you get better...give a big SCREW YOU to that cancer Patrick we know you of all people can!

Once upon a long as hell time ago this guy was hot too:
Let's put it this way...had to read The Great Gatsby in school....HATED IT! Then, I saw the movie..okay I know it's usually the other way around, but anyhoo....
Gatsby played by Robert Redford made my heart go pitter pat!

Don't remember who else was in the movie...Don't care!

Then...oh so way way way way back in a time far far away!

Paul Newman ruled the screens as King of hotness....see above and below

Yes, ladies there was a lot more to Paul Newman than just salad dressing!

Then, my favorite of all time, he died so young, but made such an impact he will never be forgotten...truly Legendary!

Have you met James?
Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today!
If you don't know who this is you might be a little "special."

duh! James Dean...the ultimate in hotness and cool!

We will love you me!
You were the Ultimate Hotness even before RPattz's Dad was out of diapers! You were the 1st in Ultimate hotness way before all these babies we scream after now...

True Story!

And last but not least...this guy is still around...still making movies...but not still hot!

This is what it looked like to Die Hard...okay I'm in!

Autograph...not so much anymore...he was hot!

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