Friday, May 29, 2009

Bradley Cooper you just might replace the other "brad" in my heart!

Hello, my name is Bradley, look into my eyes they are so blue you could swim in them!

Bradley Cooper you are oh so cute! I was stalking loving you in Alias, you were as hot as Vaughn....almost....ummm..yeah!
Okay shirtless in a bathtub...can we join you?? Pretty please! *bats eyes seductively*

DANGER DANGER! You could overheat from the hotness!

You disgusted me in He's Just Not That Into You....good movie though! Note to all women, if a man is cheating on you drop him like a ton of bricks! It was just a character though, all signs point to this one being a good one!

What be so funny Bradley? Your abs are not funny they are srsly crazy...hotness!

He has been in so many movies have you seen him? Umm...Failure to Launch, Yes Man, Wedding Crashers, oh yeah and by the way...this weekend, The Hangover...hotness!

Ummm...hi you are making surfing hotter than the equator!
I would love to be hungover with Bradley...mmmm! I would love to be anything with Bradley! Holy scruffy hotness!

He's always playing "the best friend" well let me tell you something I noticed anyway!

He is definitely ready for leading man status!!! hotspice to the max baby!

This 34 year old blonde haired blue eyed piece of man meat rocks my world! srsly!
And for once he's from the good ole US of A...mmmm!

I'm sorry am I repeating myself? MMMMMMM!!!!
It be because he so delish!
Oh and get this! The man can cook in every sense of the word!

Okay it's official I'm hooked...he's my drug...he comes with the whole package! Hotness and food! That's it me died!

I love you Bradley, call me, I know you are single! I did my research dammit!Rawr!

Trust me I will be paying attention in movies from now on and I will be hating Jennifer Garner for not really seeing you in all your hot glory! Move over Michael Vartan...go home to your 1000 kids Brad Pitt...there's a new Brad in town!

HOTSPICE! thing...there are entirely too little pictures with you without a shirt...what is that about...strip more often! TAKE IT OFF!


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