Friday, May 29, 2009

Justin Timberlake you truly did Bring Sexy Back! K! Srsly!

Justin Timberlake has been lying low as of late with his long time parasitegirlfriend Jessica I'm not hating...okay yes I am...hating!

OH MUH GAWD!!!! 1st picture that came up in a search folks...that be fate..that be!

You know what else is hotspice about JT...he's from Tennessee...yipee! so we do grow hot men here they just leave! Call to CA puhlease! send back the hot men! WE are so running out down here in the south....I mean there are airplanes...mmmkay? just sayin'

Look at my bling and my sexy hat! I'm bringin the Fedora back!
Dude! you could sit on the couch instead of by it but we are not complainin' just sayin'
Oh my god your eyes are burning a hole in me head where my eyes are....but it be's worth it!
You look good next to a disco ball...ummm did I mention that he can sing and DANCE LIKE SEXY HOTNESS EXTREME! Will you teach me the horizontal mambo...yay!

Umm it me or does it seem that a shirt is just kinda pointless?? Just sayin'





  1. Dang.... i didn't know he was such a hottie!

  2. The hotness just comes to me for some reason like that post I did with black and white rob layin in water...right...cannot find that pic anywhere on the internet...i'm like did I luck out or what? Now everyone can enjoy! Yay!

  3. no way, that wet shirt is sooooooooo hott!!!! hahahhahaha I love him on snl!! he makes me laugh sooooo much!!!!! Oh and what was that movie with him and all the tattoos..that was cool too..hehe :) I wouldnt mind him singing to me..and dancing for me..hehe ;)