Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jude Law! You are under arrest for crimes of hotness!

You sure you haven't ever played a broody vampire?  Just checkin'  seems that is what is going on here.

Jude Law.  You dumped Sienna skankerific Miller and you got hotter!  We even love you when you're all dirty and groddy and that's really hard!  Trust me!  

Yet another Brit that is hot....that is not from here....yup...figures!

If the shirt itches you have my permission to take it off.  Just sayin' kthanxbye!

Umm..hi...what is your real hair color?  Broody hotness...coolspice! Hotspice!

What you lookin' at? Something cool up in the's a bird, it's a plane, it's nothing...I have a really long neck, just wanted to show you! Giraffe much?  Just sayin'
 Are we on video chat...I look horrible! You don't though! Hi! Yeah you are looking right at me..your eyes follow me wherever i go...stop...creepy!

Strike a Pose! Vogue!  Having a Madonna Vogue! moment Strike a pose!

Mmm..kay?  Umm...hi! hotness...coolspice! hotspice! "I sleep like this" hehe

 What's with the cigarette madness in Britain...that is sicknast! but the picture is hot!

The Talented Mr. Jude are under arrest for crimes of hotness! You have the right to remain hot! You have the right to an attorney to say you are hot! You have the right to remain silent and just sit there and look hot!  

Julz :)


  1. hehe i just left a comment with his name as a suggestion..obviously right after you posted this and I hadnt seen it yet...jude law!! yummy..and you made me lol alot in between the pics..hehe :) yum love the one with the beautiful know the one..ahhhhhhhhhhhh nice!!! I agree cigs are sicknast! blah...but I would surely learn to deal. srsly...we would! lol

  2. Mmm. He's so beautiful it hurts.

  3. i know it hurts!!!! he's the best looking man in the entire planet (after me, i still have all my hair!!!) :)