Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brian Austin Green...I didn't know Kyle Reese had a Brother!

Brian Austin are so hotspice!

I'm still so sad "The Sarah Connor Chron
icles" was cancelled because I loved looking at your extreme hotness.

I remember your "90210" days, but thank the heavens you didn't join the "New 90210" cuz srsly...whatever.

Unfortunately, I now have no way to stalk watch you on th
e television every week, and that makes me sadspice. See? :( Sadspice.

Why you're dating that
skank or she wishes she was as cool as RPattz Megan Fox girl...LAMESPICE...we're not sure. You look like a nice guy. And your girlfriend insulted RPattz! What's wrong with her?! Why are you dating her? You're too hot for her.

Here you are sans shirt. Those scars from the future most likely caused by the machines are still sexy. What's that tattoo on your chest say?

Yeah...are you not sure what to do with your hands? That's okay.
You're still hot. :)

If only you were staring at me like that. *sigh*
Wow, so I'm thinking early 90s here...not so sure about the outfit, but those abs underneath compliment the whole ensemble quite nicely. Yum.

You look so cuddly.
Wanna come over and watch a movie?
I love you! You're hot.

I'm OUT!


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