Sunday, May 31, 2009

Matt Damon You Were Bourne To Be Hot!

Here you are Sexiest Man Alive...and when you shot the Bourne movies there was major droolage! Hotspice!
okay what the effspice...I searched high and low looking for shirtless pictures of you and there were none...but when you are fat matt you go shirtless wtf?

Matt Damon I am going to give you an ultimatum because of my supremacy as a man meat expert and my identity as a hotness measurer.  We do not care what movie you are shooting, never get fat again, or you might just lose your place on the celeb man meat wall of fame...kthanxbye! 

your hotness is so apparent here...even though you are laying down on the job! lol You look hotspice! We wanted to be that Franka Potente girl in the Bourne movies....or Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting.

So I went hunting for pictures and this is what I 
found...umm hi!  do you never take your shirt off?Matt you were pretty butt-kicking in all the Bourne movies and it was oh so hot!  Please make more Bourne-like hotness movies....please!

I do have to admit you are very HOT! but lately you are kinda boring! That's okay this blog is not about action it's about vision and you are good to look at.....yummy

Ummm...kay what are you doing in this picture besides looking smokin hot and just being sexy?  Jason Bourne I am going to do a better blog for you but right now Matt Damon is very boring...his life is ALMOST as boring as mine!You still bes hot...mmm...hello you are hotspice

I love you!  

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  1. Matt Damon is MEATLESS - or didn't you seen him in that skimpy bathing suit in the Liberace movie? I can't go around saving the world with truth but here: