Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gavin Rossdale...please sing to me! PLEASE!

Dear Gavin,

I have had a crush on you since highschool. Time has moved on, my ten year high school reunion is next weekend, but I still have that same little crush that I had back then.

I was o
bsessed with my "Sixteen Stone" album back in the day. "Machinehead" is still one of my favorite songs.

Now you're doing your own stuff, and "Love Remains the Same" turns me into a giant puddle of goo every time I hear your oh-so-sexy voice on the radio.

Why must you
be so hot? And so MARRIED!?!?! I love Gwen Stefani so much, that I can't even pretend to hate her for the purpose of my Man Meat crush.

Still, call me!!! :)

Why must you be british?? Once again, you're just another shining example of Man Meat not from the USA.
Gavin, you're so
I love you! Marr
y me!!!
Or not. Whatever. I can stalk dream.

Your hotness really seems to find no end. You're like 40, and you were way younger when I was busy with my highschool crush. Are you a vampire? That can be the only explanation for your gorgeous good looks despite the 14 some odd years that have passed.
If I ever run into while walking along the beach, don't be alarmed by the girly squealing (not from me) and the overdramatic passing out (still not me).
I still want you to sing to me.
That would make my day.
And guys who can sing...HOTSPICE!!

I'm OUT!


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