Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chace Crawford...XOXO You know we love you! GG

Chace got a part in the huge man meat film The Covenant (other man meat candidates from that movie to be addressed later).

Then the next fall Gossip Girl introduces us to Nate, blair's all too willing, not getting any at least from her, boyfriend.

And Wa-la! Here is Chace Crawford again. One of Manhattan's fictional elite. He is rumored to have a romance with Carrie Underwood for a short time, then that one fell apart, but ever since he showed up in GG he's been on our radar. WE SEE YOU!
ALTHOUGH the boy is very cute, not my cup of tea, but this was requested and we want to please our followers...so here is your eyecandy! Here he channels Zac Efron with the hair! So pretty!

His man meat potential is skyrocketing...but at 24 with his baby face, he's gonna be well into his 30's before we can look at him as man meat instead of boy meat! But he's still hot and still gets a spot on our list!

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  1. He's just so cute.... not hot, not man meat, just cute... adorable... i like looking at him!