Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You are a Womanizer! And We Love You Even More Chuck Bass

Okay, in real life Ed Westwick, is bffs with his co-star/roommate Chace Crawford, dates the girl who plays Vanessa, or..er...I think... not so sure where that stands right now...and uses his British accent and his immense musical talent to woo the women.

Here is one more example of Brits being so much hotter than American men...geez I need to go live there! SRSLY

Eddie's a young one ladies, he's only 22, but I guess he couldn't be too old or we really wouldn't believe he is in high school now would we? Whatev...22 is not against the law so who gives an effspice?
Here with his short hair and white T-shirt he oddly hotly channels fellow Gossip Guy Penn Badg..whatev!

In Gossip Girl, he's oh so bad!
Don't we love bad boys? Yes, I know we do because we keep lusting after them! We secretly despise Blair for having Nate and Chuck in love with her and at the same time wish we could hop in that limo and show Chuck what Bad really means!

Looks like in real life he's giving his character Chuck a run for his money...We know who the top chick is...but who are these other two hoes girls???

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