Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Out Every Friday Night Taylor Kitsch! Or How About Every Night!

Once upon a time in a land where all men have six packs and they all want to date me! In walks Taylor Kitsch! AND THEN I WOKE UP!

DAMMIT WHAT A FREAKIN' HORRIBLE DISAPPOINTMENT! Taylor is so hot he makes me want to go into a coma for a few weeks if that is what I'm going to dream about! SRSLY! hotspice, awesomespice,

There is the total hunk 'o man meat movie that you all have to see! I mean it! It's called the Covenant. See they live in this teeny-tiny town and I swear there must be just that high school and a gym because the guys in this movie are ridiculous in their hotness! Not one of them has less than a six pack! Trust me on this one!
It has Chace Crawford Pre-gossipgirl, Taylor Kitsch, Steven Strait, and Sebastian Stan and there is a pool scene where they all have on Speedos and let me tell you they have the bodies for them! Rent this movie immediately! You will not regret!

On to one of our hot Covenant boys who has branched out lately: Taylor my engagement ring size is 7 1/2 btw...thought that might be info. for the future!

TAYLOR KITSCH: There are no amount of Friday Night Lights bright enough to show your true hotness factor!

I got me some pics of this man and as I was looking them up I kept going OMG! I was hyperventilating...Kellebelle get me a paper bag! NOW! This guy is so fine, I wanna make him MINE! okay that line was lamespice, but still so hott! Want to touch the heiny...

Gambit is awesome and you know, you're hot when you can stand next to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds and still have us breathing heavy!

Taylor Kitsch you are my dream man...and because this is a perfect world all of our dreams come true! Cool! I get a hottie Taylor Kitsch for a man! YES!

(comment from the peanut gallery over my shoulder) WHAT? This isn't a perfect world and not all our dreams are coming true! Dammit! You totally ruined my life! This sucks...I'm single too? what? I live in Nashville, not Hollywood and I don't look like a supermodel! What! why didn't anyone tell me before now? (julz sinks into deep state of depression, the only thing that can rouse me out of it is celebmanmeat blog) *looks at celebmanmeat* *smiles* still depressed but at least I can get out of bed now!

Okay after that bout of insanity...I realize he takes pretty picture to look at and will prolly never be mine. I'm learning to accept it, it's just hard okay! Shut up!

OMG...I'm speechless and that's hard to accomplish for me...OMG!


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