Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chris Evans is One of the Sexiest Actors Ever!

Oh MY Gawd...look what came up on Google images when I typed in Chris Evans' name!methinks this may be meant to be..hehe
Holy Ab-muscleage!  Geezus...I mean what a Fantastic 8 pack!

Okay get this, he was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the sexiest stars in film history! Holy crap! That's nuts!!! but so not hard to believe

Umm...this is a wierd picture, hello I'm Chris Evans I think I'll sexily step over this bench? with no shirt! Okay like no shirt is right!  This 28 year old Bostonian (one of my all time fav cities fyi) knows his way through some crunches...damn!!!  I have no words...the hotness has overtaken all my senses except sight (thank god)
Hey I'm allergic to shirts I'm weakening...
hahahahahahahahahaha....I'll lick that off...only a guy as sexilicious as you could pull this off with a't breathe laughing so hard....*fell off couch* THUMP! OW! It's okay the pain was worth it!
Another hottie man with the shirt tasting...don't understand....why are shirts so delicious to hot men...ok I sorry but do you think this is a natural pose for men like do you know a lot of them that come up and go hey and eat their shirt like this...dunno, but ryan gosling, jake gyllenhaal, and now chris, idk!

Ummm....hi...I was just walking down the street and *random thought* I need some office supplies, especially a lot of printing paper! I have to print off Midnight Sun...Don't Judge! umm yeah do you have that no shoes no shirt rule thingie?
For you we will make the exception trust me!

Okay cause I was about to go all Cellular on your ass!  haha....he's a mover...he can move things with his mind...ummm...can you move your pants off...just sayin' kthanxbye

Chrissipoo it seems you always get the coolest characters in your movies...that be coolspice!

Ummm...hi...towel please fall down...NOW! do it!
Okay like this dude is so hot he can produce fire from his hand! burn the towel!!!


  1. That was a coat he was wearing around his waist it belonged to the girl he was skiing with in f4