Saturday, May 30, 2009

I CAN SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING...and it smells awesome!

The Rock is cooking up some hotness! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Dwayne Johnson.....oh so hotspice!  

We almost wanted to watch the WWE when you were on it...but then you left to become an actor...that's where the "almost" fits, right! Just sayin' be winking at me?  I hope so, that would be hotspice! You be so cute! I smell what you are cooking...and it smells darn good.
Ummm...holy scorpion king hotness!!!!

I repeats and white helps increase the muscleage...what do your tattoos mean mr. the rock?  

You look innocent...and pouty cute but you are GUILTY, of hotness!  Don't make your puppy dog face at me you have been convicted of HOTNESS!
okay...Hey everyone I'm hotness...I surrender....I'm hot! let me show you, see...I'm hotness even in a suit...I mean especially in a suit!

hey everyone, I'm number 1 of what I don't know but I just know I am number 1. Number one wrestler hotness!

Hi...I have a big belt buckle with a longhorn on it...I hunted it myself and had it mounted on this hood ornament belt buckle.  You know you fine when your belt buckle is almost as big as your head!  And we recognize that wink we would recognize it anywhere! thinks that this was why these white tank tops were invented! Yum!

You be so hotspice! We wanna wrestle with me or call me and we'll set it up your wife never has to know

I love you hunk hunka prime man meat!



  1. I LOVE THE EYEBROW RAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHE I am guilty of watching wrestling when he was on..I also loved watching big sexy kevin nash...hehe dont know why now..he isnt really sexy..but i thought so then..the best ever was when the rock wore his black pants with the white stripe down the side and his black shirt..during and extreme hotness!!!! yum Ok so hubby even dragged me to see wrestling when it came into town..and he didnt have to twist my arm that much. hehe I havent watched it since he left. lol 'What's your name...isnt doesnt matter what your name is!' haha loved when he said that...and 'The rock says'..hehe 'your candya$#'..hehe 'know your role and shut your mouth' yes, mr. johnson..whatever you want...take advantage of me..NOW! HAHA!!! MY FAVE...cause I have fantasies about that..*looks over shoulder to see if hubby is reading* hehe shhhh dont tell him..wait..i will put him on my top is all good! haha he has a top 5 too! lol That man likes to talk about 'pie' too...very naughty naughty...or saucey as Rob Pattinson would say..hehe ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love the rock..only then better then the that pic of THE ROCK AND VIN DIESEL together in one pic..i couldnt believe my eyes when i found that pic...i almost lost

  2. sorry for the men...they cause me to go crazy and i cant shut up..haha