Friday, May 29, 2009

Clive Owen I Dub Thee King Hotness!

Clive Owen, played King Arthur, and I was noticin' with drool down my chin! I was like holy crap...who the heck is dat hotness!!!! If you haven't seen this movie...go now rent it! It's full of hotness!

See...King Hotness I mean...ummm...Arthur! I so want to be his Gwinivere!(okay I know this is not spelled right...don't care!)
see...see...see! I tol ya! I be right about this....TRUST!

Okay, another example of British hotness...they just make 'em ruggedly handsome over there on that tiny island or somethin' Silver lining...they come here to be famous...and we get eyecandy! SWEEEET! this is Clive in Gosford Park...he's smokin' that's sicknast I hate that! What is with the British and cigarettes! Do they have a cure for lung cancer in that country?

okay embrace the hotness...without a loves shirtless hotness! kthanxbye!
k looking good Clive...umm it me or is clive a dumb name? but it makes you oh so sexy!

K me says hotspice!!!!

Clive, I dub you King of the hotness!


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