Saturday, May 30, 2009

Christian Bale: The American Psycho Dark Knight leader of the Resistance and messing with my Equilibrium

Holy Hotness, Batman (thank you, Elizabeth Banks, for using that phrase recently)!

Christian Bale may have a short fuse, and is known to throw the occasional tantrum, but I say we all give the guy a break! Why?

1) He's HOT! I rest my case.

2) He plays some seriously dark roles, and that can definitely mess with your head. Trust me.

3) He's HOT! I rest my case...again.

Kellebelle1981 for President! :P

Anyhoo, let's forget the
bad temper for a minute, cuz srsly, this is a MAN MEAT blog, and we just want to look at him!

I, for one, think Christian is one gorgeous piece o' ma
n meat, regardless of any of his current life issues or whatever. I will not think of such trivial things since my brain is fried...I've only been babysitting for the past seven hours. This girl needs her man meat NOW!

I loved the movie "Equilibrium" and not just because His Royal Hotness was the lead character in the movie. He got to act alongside Taye Diggs (another good reason to see the movie). And did I mention that it's pretty badass?? If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. You'll be blown away by the slightly creepy storyline and the hotness that just oozes from the screen as you view it. Can I just say YUM YUM!!!!!
And if you were having any doubts before, just look at this lovely image.
It kinda helps me.

Like now.
Kids are crazy. Srsly.
There. I'm all relaxed...and possi
bly drooling.
Okay, let's pretend we're not looking at the bod of an American Psycho here, and just bask in the gloriousness of those abs...
Mmmmm...that's nice.
I must stop staring
because I do have to finish this blog.
Okay, so this probably isn't helping me progress too far. Still, we love men with beautiful abs. Christian has got the market covered on that.Okay, can I please just take that for a ride already?
That car is pretty HOT too! I hope Christian likes sharing his toys!
Oh yeah, he looks pretty damn fine standing next to that lovely piece of machinery, btw!
Christian, you always get some seriously badass roles! You were a badass in The Dark Knight. A badass in Equilibrium. A badass in Terminator Salvation. A badass in Reign of Fire. A badass...well just bad in American Psycho. It's no wonder you've got a bad attitude!
No worries though, Christian, for I, Kelle
belle1981, also have a bad attitude (the bad attitude blog will be premiering shortly, btw, so be on the lookout)!

So, the bottom line is that you're just one giant hunk and the short temper just gives that bad boy air that so many girls love anyway. I'm not complaining!

I'm OUT!


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