Monday, May 25, 2009

David Boreanaz, dazzling my socks (and various other pieces of clothing) off since 1997!

To quote the Furies: Mmmm...Angel!!!

David Boreanaz, you rock my world!

You're still one of the sexiest manpires out there! Soul or no soul, Angel was, and always will be, one hunktastic piece of vampire meat!

Angel/Angelus/Liam (well, only Liam until
bitten by Darla in 1753)...thank you for bringing us the vampire bouffant! And yes, your hair really does look like that, even though you cannot see yourself in the mirror.

We only hope you got to slay the dragon after the series finale of your show!

Now, you've moved on to a new show (BONES), and I'm still your loyal follower! I only hope that if I ever commit a crime, Seeley Booth will be the one arresting me. Bring on the handcuffs, officer! RAWR!

David, you need to call me! Guys in suits? HOTNESS!
I don't even care why you're making this face! That's still hot! And not many guys can manage to look hot AND goofy at the same time. Did I mention you need to call me?
I don't even know what is going on here! Consider me sold! Where can I purchase fifty cases of Chupa Chups?? Just promise me that DB will have touched each and every one of these little suckers first!!!
Agent Booth, what do you do in your spare time?OH...
David, PLEASE CALL ME!!!!!!Am I creepy for thinking that Puppet Angel is kinda HOT? Or perhaps I'm still too lost in the image of DB in the tub. Hellllllllo!
Oh, David! Even though we're now completely obsessed with "Twilight" and the sparkliness of RPattz, you'll never have to worry about sparkling. You were dazzling me long before RPattz caught my attention as Cedric Diggory, and you would burst into flames whenever the sunlight touched you! You're just THAT HOT!

I love you! You're SOOOO HOT! Call me! Srsly...I'll give you my numba! We won't tell your wife!

I'm OUT!


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