Monday, May 25, 2009

Jeffrey Dean Morgan...Your Hotness Will Never Die, No Matter On How Many Shows Your Character Does

JDM, you don't have the best track record on TV. Every character you have played has died! Why do they feel the need to kill you off in every series right as we start to love you?

You round out our hot Winchester clan, playing Father to the hotness of Dean and Sam, John Winchester, famous/infamous, bad-ass demon hunter, and you didn't even have a hot part demon brother with you, you did it all by yourself. Perhaps, that is why you got yourself killed. You gave up your life to save your son's. If that doesn't make you hot, what will?

You stole all our hearts, as heart patient, Denny Duquette in Grey's Anatomy and true love to Katherine Heigl's Izzie. You died in that show too, way too soon, but you were brought back as various hallucinations and dreams of Izzie. I think I would remember you too!

You have a very important role on the Showtime hit Weeds, but you were only in one episode on a family tape with Louise Parker. Yet, your memory and the legacy you left behind is never forgotten on that show too..

I don't know why your characters keep dying on every show you are on, but I know this only one as hot as you could steal the heart of a widow from Gerard Butler. Those are big shoes to fill and you do it beautifully. You had us rooting for you as we are crying about Gerard's untimely death in P.S. I Love You. Uma Thurman accidentally becomes your wife and you spawn a war between super heroes and the rest of the world with your death in Watchmen.
Everywhere you go death seems to follow, but you know what it is a risk I'm willing to take to be with you.

Hotspice, and you will always hold a special place in my heart as John Winchester because it is not hard to imagine such beauty coming from your

We love you, keep doing what you do, because as the headline to this post says, your character may die but your hotness lives on eternally!

Love you! Man Meat


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  1. Wow...what a man. He is Fantabulously Gorgeousticly Beauprettysome! Have y'all seen Magic's sick. The entire cast is awesome. Great story-line. I love JDM.

    AJ n Fl