Monday, May 25, 2009

Enver Gjokaj hiding in the Dollhouse!!!!

Why, hello, Enver! What a strange and unpronounceable name you have! Please tell me how to correctly say "Gjokaj" because I really don't know!

Anyhoo, if you aren't totally familiar with this hottie yet, never fear. I myself was unaware of Mr. LastnameIcantpronounceatall until I began watching "Dollhouse." Perhaps, for the sake of everyone, we will just refer to you as Victor, since that is the name of your character on the show.

So, I was watching "Dollhouse" and I kept thinking during each episo
de "Wow, Victor is HOT!" This means he had to be included in the Man Meat Encyclopedia.

I'm honestly not sure what all to say about Captain Droolworthy here, since I didn't know of his existence until Joss Whedon, genius over all other geniuses, introduced us to all his little dolls.

Yup...still HOT! Where have you been all my life, Victor?!?!

What the HOTSPICE?? That's all I can say!!

If anyone knows more information about this fabulous piece o' man meat, please feel free to tell me ANYTHING! Srsly...I don't even know what to say. He's SO HOT (want to touch the heiny)!! Enver...visit me! I'll give you my number, my address, my email...I'm here!

I'm OUT!


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