Monday, May 25, 2009

Jensen Ackles...You make me wanna be bad!

Jensen Ackles, your hotness is Supernaturally awesome!

As Dean Winchester the older of the infamous/famous Winchester boys not only do you rock a bad ass wardrobe, but you drive a car that just adds to your hotness and every step you take is graceful and did I mention hot?

I first saw you as Lana Lang's boy toy in one short lived role in a season of Smallville, damn that Lana Lang gets all the hot

then, your character went postal and I thought I had seen the last of your hotness...but alas...those geniuses at the WB decided you needed your own show! Man, did they hit the nail right on the head with that one.

I'll never forget the episode, I think it was a few months back when you walked into an ex-girlfriend's house and all her friends said you're the best sex I've ever had, Dean. You walked around with a little extra pep in your step that day. Who wouldn't I believe it.....sheesh! Even thinking about is making me need to turn up the AC. Whooo...boy you are hot and you know it! Who else could do it with an angel! You,of course!

You drive around in your hot car with your hot brother and your hot toys and make me think that I really wouldn't mind going to hell and back if it meant I got you in the end...OH Jensen....keep doing what you are doing cause let me just tell you, you are doing something right!

It makes perfect sense that your Father was Jeffrey Dean Morgan, how else could you and your brother be so fine!

You are a 31 year old hunk of pure Texas man meat and trust me we have noticed.

THEN: Cute Texas Farm Boy, boyfriend to Lana Lang

NOW: James Dean swagger, lovable morals, hot car, butt-kicking demon hunter, who is destined to defeat Satan and send him back to hell...sounds like a deal to me!

OH Jensen....never leave us again, I will call the angels personally if you ever get sent to hell again...I'll get you out (trust)

Love you!



  1. hehe i watched him in my bloody valentine last night..hehe :) Oh and I loved him on days of our lives..eric brady. :)

  2. he has man abbs and a cute man

    by raina lee