Monday, May 25, 2009

Thomas Dekker, I still want you to save me from the machines!

If you aren't familiar with this young man, you probably should have watched "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" while it was still on Fox. Due to its recent cancellation by aforementioned tv station, I'm currently mourning the loss of one of the best shows on television, and Fox is solely to blame for airing it on a Friday night! WTF?!?!

Thomas Dekker
brought a younger version of John Connor to life, and for two years we watched this initially awkward young man become more like the hunkariffic John Connor we know/knew he is/was destined to become.

While I realize that he is roughly six years younger than me
, a girl cannot be blamed for recognizing man meat, no matter the age! And this boy is FINE!

We will miss you (and the beautiful Summer Glau, who I might have a tiny girl crush on) fight Skynet and constantly wonder why your older self continues to baffle your younger self (and I'm sure this is purely for the amusement of older John while he constantly sits in the darkness as we all wonder what exactly he does in the future).
Dear, sweet, still slightly innocent Thomas/John, I would let you throw me to the ground and protect me from a fierce Terminator any day. You brilliantly pulled off the struggle it is to be a teenager, and a teenager with a crappy destiny at that!!
Fox, srsly, why have you forsaken me?!?! To make matters worse, you cancelled the show on a cliffhanger! Don't cancel the show when all the future characters are suddenly asking "Who is John Connor?" Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Do you dumbasses not think the writers were going somewhere with that plot? I, for one, am ashamed to say I watch any show on Fox, and if it wasn't for "Dollhouse," "Bones," or "House" I would have no reason to watch. You took away "Terminator" and now you must PAY!

Thomas Dekker, I hope that you will one day be able to return to the role of future savior of the world, John Connor! The totally lamespice decision to cancel must be overlooked, and just know that you have plenty of girls who are angry they can no longer drool over your hunkiness once a week! Is it wishful thinking that a much nicer television station will take a look at your amazing acting, your amazing show, your amazing co-stars, and hold out their hand to you saying "Come with me if you want to live." I dare to dream!

I'm OUT!


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