Monday, May 25, 2009

Eric Why Do You Tease Us So?

OH Eric, why do you tease us so?

Did you enjoy not being the eye candy for once in Star Trek? Only to those of us who love you so much were you even remotely recognizable as The Romulan butt ugly leader who wants revenge on fellow man meat Captain Kirk portrayer Chris Pine. We want the hotness back! We will give you this movie, but give us back the hotness next time pretty please!

You looked so hot fighting Brad Pitt in Troy! You were the mighty Hector who made Orlando Bloom's Paris look wee in comparison! We wanted to be your wife, the oh so pretty and lucky in her co-stars Saffron Burrows. Last time I checked Saffron was a spice...that is lamespice. What a stupid name, but you know all about names now don't you? I won't give away my precious nugget of fun fact yet, but soon to be sure!
You dazzled us in Troy with your leadership of the doomed Trojans, your honor and faithfulness to your wife. Probably not a true account, there was much infidelity back in those times! The way you fought for your brother and the woman he loved! WE BOW TO YOU OH MIGHTY HECTOR!

Did you and Brad have a how many muscles can I don for my Greek tragedy hero contest? Brad got a lot, but from the looks of things above, you were in the gym right next to him matching him muscle for beautiful, lickable muscle. Yum!!!

Make all your parts a contest to your hotness! Do not tease us by dressing up that pretty Aussie face of yours anymore....kthanxbye!

My theory about overseas men still rings true! Still hot! Still not from here!

Okay, earlier I made fun of Saffron Burrows' name so we have to be balanced here in Man Meat world. Did you, my dear man meater's know that his name is really Eric Banadinovich? Doesn't have the same ring to it now does it? We understand why you dropped the dinovich! We do not blame that name is about as bad as mine...lamespice

From hot Trojan to hot monarch! The only time in history where anyone pitied Henry the eighth would be when you donned his stupid looking clothes to rule in all your hotness! Why would Anne Boleyn treat you so! Off with her Head! Oh wait! that's what happened groddy I mean cool...yeah...I like my head attached remind me not to piss you off!

By the how you love to be shirtless...just no more ugly your sexy self...own that hotness!

Can I have your number?

Can I have it?

I love you

I know you are very very married but like in previous man meat posts a girl can dream. I need to save my money and come to Australia because it seems from what I'm seeing you can't throw a rock in that country without hitting hotness...well I want to test this theory! I need money and a job, then I could have a hot man like you!

Call me? Can I have your number, can I have it? Can I have the secret code when entered telephonically will connect me to your beautifulness? Can I? Can I? Just don't wear the Romulan suit...yuck!

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