Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Ghost Whisperer Fan Robbed of their David Conrad!

You may not be chased down by the paps, but Davey we have noticed you. Anyone who has watched or even caught a glimpse of Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights, I wait till you go off before I go out, knows who David Conrad may not know him by that name though...How about as Jim Clancy, Melinda's smokin hot hubby, who was oh so supportive despite the constant wierdness!

When Jim was supposedly killed for about two episodes last season. Ghost Whisperer fans united in the most unprecedented manner. They balked at how dare they kill off our beloved Paramedic and Melinda's true love, Jim. There was almost a riot...but alas! we learned they were trying to give you a meatier role a different story line and they kept you on the show...well they better! We have seen what will happen if you ever leave J-love's character.

This 40 year old home grown hottie still resides when he is not shooting the show in his home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He can be my true love any time. I don't know why you are single, but I don't care I would date you, call me!

What I don't understand is why Jennifer Love Hewitt, having you a perfectly amazing piece of man meat in front of her after her break-up with Ross McCall would pick Jamie Kennedy over you. What the f-spice is she thinking...has she lost her vision?

Now you are stuck in the body of a very much less attractive man but luckily we get to see you as Jim because Melinda does. Thank god! When that bullet went through your shoulder and you forgot who Mel was we all sobbed until we were sick. Never cause such an uproar again, HEAR ME WRITER'S OF GHOST WHISPERER! Jennifer Love Hewitt is not the only reason we watch this show...hello get a clue and apparently some glasses.
I wouldn't mind my husband looking like you! Wait I don't have a husband, job is free, want it?

Here you are in your EMT outfit! Dude, I need some CPR! Bring it on!

So hott!!

Never leave us or even hint at leaving us again

you are hotspice...

kthanxbye Kelley had no part in this post because unfortunately for her she has not discovered the hottness and does not watch Ghost Whisperer that's okay...I make sure you are represented!




  1. omg..i have missed watching so many episodes..i loved that he is not on anymore> :( that will be some sorely missed eyeccandy. I need to catch up on some episodes.

  2. loving your blog..thanks to @spankransom on twitter.

  3. Wheaty girl! no honey David Conrad is on the show. They technically killed off Jim but he appeared as a ghost to Melinda and refused to cross over so when he saw an empty body with a spirit already crossed over and he jumped into that body. So he's called Sam and stuff but he's the same actor. David Conrad is still on Ghost Whisperer

  4. oh hubby has me all confused..he said it was not the same guy..I miss that show...just stopped getting to watch it..same with fringe..i love having my pacey fix!!(dawson's creek...joshua jackson) lol

  5. lol i just read further down..get it now..haha but that is so not i loved that guy...well at least he is still seen through her eyes..awesomeness..damn i seriously need to catch up. lol and jamie kennedy..i heard that awhile back..that is weird..haha..i cant imagine those two hahahhahahaa whatever floats their boat. lol oooh speaking of jennifer..haha I just watched a few clips of cant hardly wait..just so i could watch the hotness that is peter facinelli..hahaha aman- duh....hahaha love me some dr. carlisle. lol

  6. OH darling you can trust me that Peter Facinelli will very very soon find his way onto this post