Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How much does it cost to RENT you, Taye Diggs??

Taye Diggs, you are such a beautiful hunk o' man meat, and this picture is proof that I'm not lying!

I'm currently having trou
ble moving past the washboard abs you got goin' on there, and I wonder if your wife feels lucky that she got to marry a god.

You are so beautiful to meeeeeeeee! Can't you see? You're everything I hoped for! You're everything I need! You are so beautiful to meeeeee-eeeee! Okay, I really need to stop singing in my blogs because it's cheesespice.

I love you for your
beautiful singing voice, and I could watch RENT thirty thousand bajillion more times just to hear your voice. Damn son! You can sing! Why did you have to be Benny? I'm pretty sure we were supposed to hate him, but I took one look at you and I was like "What's the big deal? So he is going back on his word and making all these poor people living the bohemiam lifestyle pay back all this money so a bunch of rich people can make a fancy something-to-do. Taye Diggs is singing, and that's all that matters." Whatever. Your voice is hot. Your hotness is hot. Is that redundant?

My my my, you look so beautiful standing against that Willy Wonka-ish wallpaper. Is the room getting smaller? Can't breathe! You might need to do CPR on me, stat! Don't bring any of that "Private Practice" crap my way though, cuz "Grey's Anatomy" and anything else to do with it is just, dare I say, LAMESPICE! And you know what else is LAMESPICE? The fact that I can't stop saying LAMESPICE! The fault lies with Lauren's bite and her hilariously quotable blog.Oh look. You're wearing a super sexy suit! 'Nuff said! That's HOT!Umm...I don't even know what is happening in this picture, but you look hot, so it doesn't really matter. So HOT!

Anyhoo, to sum up, Taye Diggs rocks my world, I hate "Grey's Anatomy" with a passion, but I'll shortly be starting up a bad attitude blog in which I discuss the cynical side of life. Hey, why not? RENT is one of my favorite movies. Taye Diggs can SING! If you haven't seen it yet, I command you to watch it at once! Just do it! Pretty please? Love you guys!

I'm OUT!


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