Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's all right, cuz I'm saved by Mark Paul Gosselaar!!!

I'm pretty sure my first crush was on Zack Morris, and I'm pretty sure I watched every episode of "Saved by the bell" ever made (well, until it got to the new class, which was just lamespice).

I know all the words to the theme song
by heart, and I still get giddy on the inside when I see episodes come on in the wee hours of morning before I leave for work!

Mark, you've only managed to get even hotter...and you were definitely quite the piece of hunka hunka burnin' man meat back in the day.

I miss the old school days of televison. *sigh*

Zack Morris!! I heart you!!

Wow, am I glad you grew up!!! You're hotter and ummm...*droolage*.
So....whatcha doin'? Can I give you my number? I'm offering it to lots of guys right now, but I'm sure one of you will ultimately take it! A girl can dream. Especially when Nashville doesn't have the best to offer.

I love hot guys being silly! It makes me happy. :D

Mark, you will always have my heart! You wormed your way into it when you were causing trouble at Bayside High, and you somehow managed to keep your grip on it all these years later. Do you think I have a chance with you? My name is Kelley! Granted, not Kelly Kupawlski (or however the hell you spelled it)!

Congratulations on still being a giant hunk o' man meat! MPG, you are so tasty (looking)!

I'm OUT!


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