Wednesday, May 27, 2009

James Marsden! I Want To Marry You 27 Times!

He had a super cool power in x-men, as long as he kept his sunglasses on, otherwise while making out you would be incinerated into small little specks...but it might just be worth it!?!? Benny and the Jets rocks!  Although you don't know the words very well!  But that's okay!

Umm who knew under that tie that you had those ab muscles!  No wonder you got the girl in x-men and 27 dresses.  We thought you were sexy from the start!
The hottest cyclops I have ever heard of for shizzle!
Umm..hi me=died!

Why do all men look so good wet?  And why can't I find one!

Also, why do black and white pictures emphasize the muscleage?

Umm..hi methinks the ocean does a body good!
Umm okay...why do you and Ryan Gosling insist on tasting your shirts?  Do shirts taste good to hot men?  I confused!

All I can say is hot hot... 

Yes, ladies he is one of ours...born and bred in the most American sounding town I could imagine! Stillwater, Oklahoma...yes!  We finally got one that's not from Canada!

This 36 year old and looks 25 year old is married though...but we care not, because we get to lookie and maybe if we are lucky some day...well you know!

Marriages break up all the time...where is Sienna Miller when you need her?  Break up the marriage of someone we want to date and leave Balthazar alone! Ya marriage ruining skank

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