Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You are a Super Man Tom Welling!

Kansas farm boy you are not. Super hot savior of the innocent...dern right! And super hot piece of man meat you definitely be!

You play Clark Kent and you are oh so super! Sometimes you are called Kal-El, but Clark is who you really are, no matter what your dead "father", but seems to still communicate with you through wierd crystal thingies. And what's with all the Kryptonians showing up? I thought they were all destroyed with Krypton...I confused!

Tom Welling you rock our world! We don't need x-ray vision to see your hotness...it's easily seen with the naked eye. We don't need heat vision to make you hot!

thank god you got rid of the tights...yuck...tights are lamespice! You are our one and only Superman...I don't care that a movie came out while you were still shooting Smallville! Blasphemy! Who was that imposter?
Speaking of Bizzaro...what the effspice is this? Look you +beard=groddy. No No! Bad Tom! You are superman for crying out loud you can't go around looking like a bum that is just not acceptable...lamespice!
It was Bizarro Clark! You are so tall at 6 foot 3 you tower over little tiny Lex, have so many muscles, super powers, and an amazing ability to stun us with your hotness! So do us a favor, drop that girl you are married to and come marry us! Why do some girls get so lucky while others (me) have no luck at all.

Why does that Lana Lang girl get all the men. She dated that hot guy the first season when you two were in high school, then you, then Jensen Ackles, then you again, then Lex, then you again, so confused...and aren't you supposed to end up with Lois...okay I'm sorry but Erica Durance is not hot enough for you! and is it just me or is Lois kind of a biatch?


  1. srly!!!! TOM WELLING!!! *swoon* Some serious EYE CANDY!! I LOVE HIM!! HE IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!! LOL :)lOVE HIM IN BLACK..LEATHER..I LOVE THE BAD TOM WELLING TOO..HAHA SHHHHH DONT TELL. LOL BAD SUPERMAN! LOL Oh and i dont mind him scruffy every now and then. Now I dont like that bummy look above..haha no one is hot enough for him...and I am srsly surprised he is still married..must be a good, loyal man. :) Man..no boy here..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yumness! lol Thanks for the awesome morning eyecandy!!! I seen you say tom welling on twitter..took me a whole second to get here...Pure perfectness..we just make up on our own words for some reason when we are looking at hot guys..MEN! LOL

  2. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  3. hands off hes all mine :P hahah no wait ill share him no wait i wont haha

  4. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazingly perfectly fantastically freaking HOT!!! I love Tom Welling!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  5. Yes, I too feel Smallville's Lois is a total b***h...cant believe she got the part...

  6. I from peru and I always wanted to face him cause he is my favorite superheroe