Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jake Gyllenhaal! I Hate You Reese!

SO UNFAIR! Reese Witherspoon you suck ( I love you though, you be one of me favorite actresses).

From Ryan Phillippe to Jake Gyllenhaal....some girls have all the luck!
Hey Jake, you ever get sick of Reese, I'm blonde, I have blue eyes, and I'm from Nashville that's where the similarities end  I would treat you good!
Holy Christmas! How on Earth can you get hotter, but somehow you managed! Good God! Good work Lord!  You did good!

Kinda anticlimactic after above...good god this man is smokin!
Soooo hottt!!!!

Okay, um me dead...even your hands are hot! Damn! Reese Witherspoon leave us some man meat please?

I'm casual, I'm breezy! 
Yeah so umm...hi look at me!!!! LOOOK AT MEEEE!!!!

Okay you are lying down...half the battle is won!  Wooh! and you are a boxers man or are those boxer briefs?  Who cares...take them off!

Good Looking Revolutionary Wanted?'re hired!  You look good with a beard to, god knew what he was doing...and then on the seventh day he made you!

Boxers! I knew it!  Umm....did you feel stupid taking this picture..I would if I were you..but it's awesome though!

Oh Jake if you ever get tired of cooking gourmet meals and dating one of hollywood's luckiest hottest actresses you call me k?
Evidence you belong in Nashville you already look good in a cowboy hat....see I knew it!

Sooooo Hott!!!!
Love you


  1. I never looked at Jake as being hot, but man these pics are making me a believer!

  2. thank thank you thank you! i'm like butter :D

  3. Yes he is rather cute, isn't he.

  4. omg i cant stand this! hes totally hot!!!!!!!

  5. omg some guys are just too hot for words... he is one of them

  6. he is so hot and cute and a good actor

  7. I will agree that Jake is just delicious but you girls that made this page kinda sound like your 12...

  8. oi jake meu nome é renata do brasil e vc é meu

    oi jake,meu nome é renata e eu sou do é o tipo de homem que eu gostaria p mim.lindo!!quem sabe um dia não conheço um clone seu aqui no brasil.kkk...beijos sucesso!

  9. uh oh, i now have to fight off an obsession. But a very good looking obsession i think... thank you so much for such an awesome website!

  10. Damn Jake, you're sooooooo Hot!

  11. He's gorgeous p.g said

  12. Oh my God this men is so hot ♥♥♥WET DREAM ♥♥ Ever since I seen him in JARHEAD a was like wow....But Anyway the movie is great but he made it perfect,,tho I would have liked see more shirtless seances ♡♥♡♥♡JAKE♡♥♡♥ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK........

  13. omg, hottest man alive, im gay so he is just a dream come true, 2 bad i have a boyfriend