Monday, May 25, 2009

Jared Padalecki...You have Demon Blood in Your Veins...Maybe that's why you are so hot!

Demon blood or no, you still rock my world! As the other half of the bad-ass demon butt-kicking duo the infamous/famous Winchester complete me!

I went from being Rory's first boyfriend and first kiss in Gilmore Girls to being part demon, butt-kicking, cool as hell, Winchester. Do you think that a really cool gun and your names being the same are a coincidence? I think not!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as your Father, and you know what I have no trouble believing that he could be your Dad.

You have a birthday coming up in July, you are going to be 27, happy early birthday! We are so glad you were born in Texas 27 years ago. If not, who would be Dean's dark, innocent, naive, baby brother?

You aren't that innocent are you there Jared? You go through women just as fast or faster than your brother, and you sizzle just as much as he. You may be leaning sometimes toward the dark side but your hotness makes us wanna lean that way right along with you.

We hate Ruby for the pull she has on you, but we secretly want to be her! Don't cross over to the dark side baby. You make it hurt so good!

You are our sexy psychic renegade! We never tire of watching you, but you are essential to the extreme hotness of the Winchester legacy.All I can say is no matter what you do that disturbs us in how you behave, the way you look makes us forget that demon blood runs in your know what I don't care...I'd have your part demon baby. Come to my town with your brother and we can discuss it further....


Love you! Jared/Sam


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