Monday, May 25, 2009

Michael Vartan...Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places!

Michael Vartan, in Redbook magazine this month you say you are looking for love...well I live in Nashville, Tennessee and I'm loyal and you can trust me! So really you are just looking for love in all the wrong places. Nashville, being the right place.

Michael, I almost forgot about you! What blasphemy! You were my favorite secret agent on Alias and the guy who captured all our hearts along with Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed!

All I know is I have never had a teacher as hot as you. If I had, I might have had some really naughty essays to write in English class.

When Vaughan was gunned down in Alias and rumor had it that it was because of set tension between you and ex-gal pal Jennifer Garner. Well we don't really care all I know is I wanted you back. Bradley Cooper was cute, but he could never replace you in my heart as Vaughn!

Then, the minute Drew walked into that classroom in Never Been Kissed all we could do was hope you were a naughty boy that would allow yourself to fall for a high school senior...well that worked out well! Thank god!

Oh Michael you are so hot and now that you are going to be on the series Hawthorne with Jada Pinkett Smith, not a show I would normally watch but, with you next to her how can we not watch!

I haven't forgotten and I love you Mikey...come to Nashville and you will find love with me! yeah the commute will suck...but I'll make it worth your while....mmmm

Soooo hott!

Love you!


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  1. Alias, Never Been Kissed, Drool-Worthy INDEED!!! Another fave... though Channing Tatum's still #1