Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nick Zano! This is What I Like About You! Get it? hehe

Nick Zano, oh honey, you graced our television screens with your cuteness next to Jenny Garth and Amanda Bynes. In the television show...What I Like About You!

Then for some reason...don't know what you were thinking...you started dating that chick from Laguna Beach that was always saying Dunzo..or something? Yes I watched the show...it was lamespice...but it was a guilty pleasure...shut up!

By popular demand...as many photos as I could find with Nick Zano...sans shirt (without shirt).

Then you dated Haylie Duff??? Why again? Why?

This New Jersey, hunk o' man meat may have bad taste in women but we will forgive him if only he crosses over from the dark side. This man is 31 he needs to get a clue...and call me perhaps?

I don't know who you are dating now Nick...I don't really stalk watch you that much, you have been keeping a low profile lately. When are you going to do a movie we can sit and drool over you in? Geez Nick you need a good woman to help you in your career, hey, guess what, I have a PR degree. I would be perfect!
I think this picture is the same as the one above just zoomed in but whatever...so hot!

this is for our fan who asked for shirtless Nick Zano...here you go...not easy to find. He's been keeping a low profile...see above.

Love the hotness!



  1. I love you. Srsly. You not only found him... but shirtless.

    You = Goddess!