Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Robert Downey, Jr. can be my Iron Man anyday!

Dear Robert (not Pattinson),

I think you're hot.

Call me!

Yours truly,


Ladies, ladies, ladies! Robert Downey Jr. is one big piece of eye candy. This fabulous hunk o' man meat made my little heart go pitter patter in "Gothika." Yeah, he was kinda nerdy, but so what. I like nerdy.

First and foremost, I like guys in suits. So when I caught a gander of him in "Iron Man," my heart attempted to leap outta my chest and my knees got wobbly. Seriously, aside from the alcohol problem, what's not to love here? Hello! Drool alert! I think my keyboard may short circuit again soon! OMG!!
I was unaware that super geniuses came with muscles like this, but now I know. Even that gaping hole in your chest filled with some sort of electrical type deal that keeps you alive is pretty hot. What's wrong with me?!
Oh, Robert! I love a man who can make me laugh! That's HOT!

Yeah, I like the glasses. RD Jr...you rock my socks off! So HOT!

HOT!When is "Iron Man 2" coming out?!?! I can't wait to stare at your face on the big screen for approximately two hours. Oh, but wait! "Sherlock Holmes" is coming out on Christmas Day! What a wonderful present for you to give yourself to all of us, your loving stalkers fans on a day of giving and receiving! Spread the holiday cheer!

Robert, you need to call me! End of discussion.

I'm OUT!

belle1981 :)


  1. I didn't feel it till Iron Man - then - all sortsa woah!

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